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Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas for 2022

Halloween may be the spookiest holiday of all, but it’s also one of the most exciting! In 2021 it may not be as easy to enjoy the usual public Halloween activities. But there are still plenty of fun things you can do with the family.

And we have the perfect activity for your family this coming October – scavenger hunts! A Halloween scavenger hunt for kids is the ideal way to make the most out of the spooky season. Not to mention, adults can have some fun coming up with creative Halloween scavenger hunt ideas and mini-projects.

And if you don’t want to come up with your own? Well, we’ve got a great list of printable scavenger hunt ideas for this year’s Halloween adventure.

15 Unbeatable Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Halloween scavenger hunt list

  1. This Halloween scavenger hunt pack comes with a variety of great games and activities. It’s also an easy scavenger hunt because the entire activity can be carried out at home, and cards can be placed in any order.
  2. Red Ted Art’s Halloween Scavenger Hunt is a super simple scavenger hunt where kids simply need to find as many items on the list as they can. It also comes in two versions – one for older kids, and a more visual version for preschoolers!
  3. This particular hunt is a simple list but with many different objects for your children to find. You don’t have to have every item or decoration on the list, just enough so your kids can compete to find them.
  4. The cute little poems and rhymes on Hey Let’s Make Stuff’s scavenger hunt list are sure to keep the kids enthralled and entertained.
  5. Here’s another hunt that uses rhyming clues to indicate where the next clue can be found. It’s easy for younger kids too, because the next location will rhyme with the clue!
  6. This scavenger hunt has an especially spooky Halloween twist – each team has to find the bones of a Halloween skeleton. The first team to reassemble their skeleton model wins!
  7. VanillaMintPrints have created a competitive points-based scavenger hunt. For every Halloween object found each team/person gets points, and they can get more depending on how hard the object is to find.
  8. This Halloween Candy Scavenger Hunt is the perfect Halloween game if you can’t go trick-or-treating this year. With every clue card that your child finds, they’ll be rewarded with an accompanying piece of candy. By the end of the game, they’ll have their own little Halloween stash!
  9. If you’re able to go out and about this Halloween, this hunt is the perfect way to keep your kids occupied while walking from house to house. Let them point and circle the traditional Halloween decorations they can see around the neighborhood.
  10. While some Halloween treasure hunts can benefit from taking photos of each object, this hunt requires it! It’s a Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt, where the team with the most photos wins.
  11. There’s no better Halloween setting than a graveyard! This Graveyard Scavenger Hunt is the perfect fit for Halloween, and participants only need to identify gravestones with the right details to score a point. Although we do suggest you play this game during the day.
  12. Here we have a scavenger hunt with two parts. First, your kids need to find each Halloween item on the list. The second part is more pumpkin-centric: how many pumpkins can you find? And how many different types? What colors are they, and are they carved or uncarved?
  13. For those of us who like to bring some personal flair to an activity, this scavenger hunt from Life With Darcy & Brian comes with a set of pre-made clue cards and blank cards that you can add your own unique clues to.
  14. Here is another scavenger hunt that requires your kids to walk through the neighborhood finding all the decorations on their list. It also includes objects in nature, just in case your street is running low on Halloween decor.
  15. Your kids can play the Craftivity Designs scavenger hunt in the traditional way, where the child with the most items crossed off wins. But we also recommend that you mix it with Bingo – the first to cross off five items in a row wins!

Planning A Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Choose Your Hiding Places Carefully: If you are hiding clues, treasure, or other objects, keep the hiding places challenging but not too hard. If they’re too tricky to find your kids will end up frustrated, but if they are too easy they will finish the scavenger hunt in minutes. Keep it balanced!

Explain the Game First: Believe it or not, not every child has taken part in a scavenger hunt before. Make sure everyone participating knows the rules and what they need to do, or one or two children could fall behind.

Figure Out Your System: If lots of kids are taking part in a competitive or team-based Halloween scavenger hunt, you may need a system to prove that each team has found the right objects. The easiest way to do this is to equip each team with a phone, so they can take pictures as evidence (though depending on their ages, the phone may have to be kept with a supervising adult).

Be Creative: If your children are older, they may get bored of the typical scavenger hunt. Try to add a creative twist to keep your participants engaged. Especially on Halloween – it’s the most creative holiday of the year!

Double Check Everything Before You Start: Before you let your kids loose, make sure you run through the scavenger hunt first. It’s not uncommon to get clues mixed up or placed in the wrong order, or even to forget a clue completely. It only takes one slip-up to dismantle a scavenger hunt and leave your kids disappointed.

Safety Measures During a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Before planning your Halloween scavenger hunt, you should keep updated on the Covid-19 safety measures in your area. It will ensure that your Halloween scavenger hunt is as safe as possible.

Keep your groups small, try to minimize contact, and make sure you have hand sanitizer close by. If other families are going to join in, discuss safety guidelines with the parents first. You may also want to cover the rules of the scavenger hunt over the phone before you start, so you can avoid gathering everyone in a large group.

Even with added safety measures, you can still have a fun Halloween celebration with your family and friends. A Halloween scavenger hunt for kids will ensure that they enjoy themselves without having to be in big groups or public settings. In the meantime, make sure to check out more of A Subtle Revelry for more holiday projects, creative DIY ideas, and other craft-related fun!

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