Halloween Would You Rather Questions: Fullest List for 2024

The spooky season is upon us at last, so we have compiled a list of Halloween would you rather questions for you and your whole family. We have a great mix of spooky questions for kids and adults, with 13 would you rather questions in each category.

It’s a fun way for family and friends to learn more about each other, and whether you’re all there in person or having a virtual get together, it’s bound to be hilarious watching people’s faces as they think about whether they would rather eat a slug or a spider.

Best Scary Would You Rather Questions for Everyone


These 13 scary would you rather questions are suitable for children and adults alike. Disgust your family and friends with such conversation starters as, what insects you would or wouldn’t eat, and what kind of creepy things you would prefer your body parts to be replaced with.

Spooky indeed!

Would you rather:

1. Put your hand into a dark slimy hole to try and find something small, or walk into a very spooky dark cave to try and find something big?

2. Get a foot massage from the monster under your bed or dance the tango with the monster in your closet?

3. Be chased by one werewolf or ten zombies?

4. Eat a spider or a slug?

5. Get attacked by a skeleton or a ghost?

6. Get frightened by someone, or give someone else a fright?

7. Let a tarantula crawl up your arm or a snake wrap around your neck?

8. Have a toad as a best friend or have a black cat as an enemy?

9. Scream like a banshee every time you try to talk, or have snakes for hair?

10. Be trapped in a cave of bats or stuck in a pit of spiders?

11. Have pins growing out of your face and head, or have scissors where your fingers should be?

12. Eat dog food with sugar, or eat snails with garlic butter?

13. Blindfolded, stick your hand in a jar of eyeballs or bowl of guts?

Halloween Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Halloween would you rather kids

These 13 questions are aimed at children, but we don’t mind if adults want to use them too. You might just get some hilarious answers!

Would you rather:

1. If your mum was a witch or your dad was a vampire?

2. Eat a sugared spider or eat a fried snake?

3. Get bitten by a werewolf or bitten by a vampire?

4. Fight a vampire or a werewolf, but you have a sword as a weapon, and you have armour on?

5. Have a witch’s green skin or a werewolf’s hairy fur all over your face and body?

6. Eat a caterpillar sandwich or let spiders crawl on your face?

7. Trick or treat in a costume that you made yourself, or one that you bought?

8. Trick or treat in a creative costume or a scary costume?

9. Watch a horror film or visit the dentist?

10. Be best friends with Wednesday Addams or Sabrina the Teenage witch?

11. Look like a zombie or smell like a zombie?

12. Have to sleep hanging upside down or sleep in a coffin?

13. Only be able to get around by flying on a broomstick or being driven in a carriage by Frankenstein’s monster?

Halloween Would You Rather Questions for Adults

13 would you rather Halloween questions aimed at grown ups only. Some of these are NSFW, and some are definitely not child friendly!

Would you rather:

1. marry into the Addams family or cut off your own ring finger?

2. brutally murder six strangers, or be part of the human centipede?

3. be eaten alive by rats or by fish?

4. sleep with a Chucky doll or an Anabelle doll in your bedroom?

5. summon dark forces using black candles and Latin phrases, or eat a ghost pepper (no drinks allowed)?

6. your house be toilet papered or egged on Halloween night?

7. play with a Ouija board in the comfort of your own home, or go ghost hunting in haunted house at midnight on Halloween?

8. be lost in an abandoned insane asylum or locked in a creepy attic full of antique toys and mysterious boxes, at midnight on Halloween?

9. be haunted by the ghost of a child, or be a ghost who haunts children?

10. be chased by Freddy Krueger in your sleep, or Michael Myers while awake?

11. spend a night buried alive in a coffin, or spend the night in the Overlook Hotel from The Shining?

12. share a bottle of Merlot with Dracula or a nice Chianti with Hannibal Lecter?

13. hear a banshee scream outside your bedroom window, or hear the sound of a child giggling in your attic… when you know there are no children in the house…?

Funny Halloween Would You Rather Questions for Everyone

halloween would you rather family

Halloween can’t be all ghosts, goblins, and creepy would you rather questions. Lighten the mood a little with 13 funny would you rather questions guaranteed to give you a giggle.

Would you rather:

1. Smell like a wet werewolf every day for a year, or have a pumpkin growing out of your head?

2. Scream every time you spoke, or everyone you spoke to screamed in response to what you’ve said?

3. Have very smelly feet, or toes made from candy?

4. Be stolen by a witch and force to clean her oven, or licked by a werewolf every day for a month?

5. Turn into pumpkin or a bat every time you felt scared?

6. Have the ability to build spider webs, or a really long sticky tongue that shoots out of your mouth like a frog’s?

7. Have noses growing all around your head, or eyes growing on your neck?

8. Burp all of the time or fart really loudly ONLY when other people can hear you?

9. Smell like dog food for a year, or garlic for the rest of your life?

10. Be a mad scientist and build a monster, or a spooky witch of the woods and make spells to heal people?

11. Eat frog legs, or have frog legs instead of your own legs?

12. Be a human with eight spider legs instead of limbs, or eat spiders every day for a year?

13. Go on a dinner date with a 200-year-old hag, or kiss a toad?

To download the full list of Halloween Would You Rather Questions CLICK HERE!

Halloween Would You Rather Game FAQs

If you’re unsure how to play you can read through our answers below.

How many players?
You need least two players, and there isn’t really a limit on how many people can play. Although if there are quite a lot of people you might want to split into two or three smaller groups.

Who goes first?
We like to use all sorts of creative ways to pick which player goes first in our Would You Rather games. For this game, whichever player was born closest to Halloween goes first.

How to play?
First you need your questions. You can print these ones out or write them down on some cards. For our Halloween version of the game, we like to put all of our questions into a pumpkin or a spooky bowl, and let each player pick a random one on their turn. The first player asks their question to another player of their choice, or to the whole group. Play should then continue in a clockwise direction, until all questions have been asked, or until it is time to go trick-or-treating!

Is there a time limit?
That’s up to you. If you would like to speed up the game, you can use a timer. This will also put pressure on players to answer quickly, which could turn out to be very funny indeed if the question is particularly gross!

Have Fun!