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handmade gifts for the house


Gifts for the home are great to give since they always fit everyone perfectly. When gifts for the home are both handmade and well designed… well, my Christmas list is basically done. :) I am happy to be partnering with one of my favorite shops Baba Souk to share a few gift picks that are perfect for placing underneath your tree this year.


Graphic cheese plates of the most gorgeous kind! Gift with a package of your favorite foreign variety of cheese for a present your dearest friends will love. I’ve been using the pink one and it is even more beautiful in person (look for it in a post next week!).


Tulip pot holders! Gift to your little sister who is just learning to cook for an adorable way to make her kitchen bright.


Funky and bright treasure baskets that will be used all the time by your favorite hosts. Fill with goodies for a hostess gift that will ensure a revite every year.


A dino bin for making the toy dreams of any young boy come true.


A wool trivet the is unique enough to stand out from the gifting crowd and please a boss/teacher/or co-worker. Each one is beautiful and original, just like you! :)


Lastly, a calendar to gift your mom… with a couple circles on dates you will be visiting her next year. Because seeing you is her favorite gift anyway.

Get 15% OFF anything for the house, or for yourself – from Baba Souk with coupon code “revelry” valid until 12/07.

This posts is produced in promotional partnership with Baba Souk, a shop I dearly love. Happy shopping! xoxo

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