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hanging ribbon

A hanging ribbon centerpiece makes a wonderfully festive statement and it’s incredibly easy to put together. I adore how it instantly brightens up an entire room. Make in multiples and hang over shower/wedding tables. They pieces give an enormous punch for very little time and cost. Check out the step by step over at Project Wedding today. I am also working on hard-wiring it to hang permanently as a light fixture in our house, more on that soon.


  1. I was just thinking to myself yesterday about how I wanted to see more projects using ribbon and you must have read my mind! This is stunning and will look great all lit up and hanging!

  2. shalini

    15 May

    Such a lovely idea. And I got a few extra loops hanging around perfect for this!

  3. McKenzie

    15 May

    looks almost like a ribbon chandelier! Love!


  4. Lena

    15 May

    So perfectly lovely!

  5. That’s beautiful. It’d be fun to do in festive colors too.

  6. Kristina

    20 May

    wonderful idea, so colourful, makes me happy just by looking at it!

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  8. monica

    12 June

    i love it!
    it’s a wonderful idea. will definitely do it for the next home party!

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