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holy rollers: the true story of card counting Christians

I wanted to share this documentary with you. Firstly, because it is a very well done film that’s won numerous film festival awards this year and secondly because I lived the story.

I mentioned this right before we moved to Reno. My husband was a professional card counter and over the past couple years played for “the church team” portrayed in this film. The documentary is true to life, both the highs and the lows of playing professional black jack. It is very odd to see a story from your life portrayed through cinema like this and we could not speak higher of the guys who managed this team. In support of their work, I’d love for you to check it out. Although he opted not be a named cast member Matt makes a few cameo appearances throughout the film sometimes with bleach blond hair and sometimes in a bright pink sweater:)

See the trailer and buy the movie here.

Photo of black 21 by mistflowerphoto.


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