Our Home Tour • A Subtle Revelry

Our Home Tour

The most compelling feature about home design for me, is the interjection of my passions and personality into my space. I was honestly a bit nervous about sharing our home on Design Sponge yesterday. Your encouragement about it meant the world! Thx.

I love celebrating everyday and desire our home to exemplify my passions and love for that. You can see the full sneak peak, if you’d like and below are the rest of the photos that I loved of our home. I will be posting a few more home DIY’s and everyday celebrating posts this spring and doing this photo shoot with Lemarire photography seems like the perfect jumping off point for a new season.

With two active toddlers running around and a business to run, our home needs to wrinkle well. It needs to be able to withstand a bit of daily chaos and still look pretty. I include vintage and thrifted furniture painted in bright hues, a deep recovered sofa and small details to make this a reality for us. Read on for the rest of the tour.

Small details like a built in cabinet that I cleared of our china to make room for jars of sprinkles, brings in a playful touch to the home’s design. The wall makes me happy every time I walk by it. Another wall I love is the family photo wall, where I nailed in kid height frames from the front to ensure that little hands would not grab them off but could enjoy the photos.

In the kids room, because of space, I opted to go vertical with the play. Hanging oversize alphabet blocks on the wall (tutorial here) and large boards covered with felt (tutorial here) for creative play also doubles as focal artwork for the room.

Photography by Lemaire Photography.

PS. One other photo of our roll away coffee table from this shoot.


  1. shalini

    20 March

    I saw your home on DS and really loved it. Each room has personality, but it’s all so subtle and refined. Love it.

    ps, been reading your blog for a while now, but never commented before!

  2. Marilyn

    20 March

    So very cool. What a wonderful home you have created for your family!

  3. Your home is so cute! I love it all! One of my favorites are the jars of sprinkles. Who would have though of that! ONLY YOU! Congrats on being featured on Design Sponge!

  4. Jenny @ Hank + Hunt

    20 March

    This is delightful. I love the dining set. Those chairs are adorable!!

  5. Missy

    20 March

    Lovely!! Peaceful and playful!

  6. Victoria

    20 March

    Thanks for the encouragement guys! Jenny, the chairs are thrifted, they only cost me $5 each:) Love a good score.

  7. kat jackson

    20 March

    This place is adorable Victoria! I love the splashes of color and your kids are too cute!

  8. I love everything about your home, Victoria! Congrats on the wonderful feature on D*S :)

  9. Congrats on this feature!! Your home looks well loved and lived in! Love your photo gallery wall!!

  10. Where did you find the wire basket for storing books?! I’m looking for some to do the same or store loose mail!

  11. domestikate

    21 March

    Oh wow, what a lovely home you have. Love the blue frames, the creative touches, and your gorgeous kids!

  12. teresita

    22 March

    How beautiful!! I love your home!! You made it a wonderful place to grow up in, your kids look so happy.

  13. Sandra

    22 March

    Can I flake out on your green couch today? And I love the paper straws next to the wicky stix…

    Lovely colour palette and so calm a space yet with such personality and character. How long did it take you to pull it together? Is it a work in progress?

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  15. wow! I don’t know how I missed this post?? For some reason it didn’t show up in my reader. Weird! I’m glad you linked back to it, though, because your home is just lovely! Congrats on your feature! You totally deserve it!!

  16. katie

    24 March

    congrats on your feature on design sponge! what an incredibly beautiful home you have!

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  20. Jessi

    2 February

    Wonderful!!! I would love to live there.

    May I ask where your lovely play kitchen is from?

    Love, Jessica

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