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Homemade macaroons

In an effort to encourage celebrating simply, my third styled Christmas design is filled with tiny hints of simplicity. Easy details you could incorporate to create a relaxed holiday with a little added sparkle! For instance homemade macaroons…

In an effort to have this fabulously trendy treat but stay within budget, I decided to try my hand at making them. I found a great recipe until 16 steps in when I realized it was not very simple at all! Instead I grabbed a box of vanilla wafers, a jar of marshmallow fluff and went to work creating my own version of this beloved french treat!

I topped each macaroon with a dusting of baking glitter. They were incredibly pretty to look at and quite amazing to taste.

Photography by Carly Taylor



  1. StΓ©phanie

    14 December

    Oh !
    Yummy !!!

  2. Kelly

    14 December

    I love the look of macaroons too and have been wanting (very timidly) to try my hand at making them. I love your equally cute version with the Nilla wafers — brilliant! Now we just need to figure out how to dye them all those cute colors. :-)

  3. Natasha

    14 December

    How lovely! As soon as I see that there are too many steps, I go to the next recipe ;) Your version sounds yummy!

  4. Katie

    14 December

    I love this idea and the presentation!!

  5. Victoria

    14 December

    Kelly, yes dying them would be fabulous- Hmmmm. I’ll need to think about that, could we maybe dip the cookies in colored water, like Easter egg dying??? I may have to try that one.

  6. Lena

    14 December

    Those suckers certainly aren’t easy, and I love your simply, cost-effective alternative!

  7. Meagan

    14 December

    Oh goodness these look DIVINE!

  8. Tegan M.

    14 December

    I’m pretty sure Wiltons sells colored decorating sprays that might work at coloring them!

    Love your honesty. 16 steps in?! Must have been a Martha Stewart “easy” recipe. ;)

  9. Victoria

    14 December

    Tegan… Okay 16 may have been a bit of an exaggeration- you caught me:)

    It was definitely about the time that my peaks were looking more like plains than peaks that I gave up. PS. The real recipie may be easier if you have a nice kitchen aid. I don’t. I have a $12 hand mixer from Target;)

  10. Diana

    14 December

    What a fabulous substitute, Victoria!! Looks like heaven in a bowl ;)

  11. Laura

    15 December

    Baking glitter is ingenious! Where do you get that from?

  12. Rachel

    15 December

    Very cute, thanks for sharing!!

  13. Victoria

    16 December

    Laura, Micheals sells baking glitter. You can also get it online here- http://www.bakeitpretty.com/item_217/Edible-Glitter-in-12-Colors.htm I’d love to see what you make with it!

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