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How to capture creative inspiration


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Capturing inspiration is one of my favorite things to do. Intel powered ASUS Transformer Book Chi 2 in 1 is my new best friend in making this happen. Noticing something and be inspired by it is one of the most joyful things about my work as a blogger. To be inspired by something and have it become a fleeting thought is possibly my least favorite feeling ever. I’ve had it happen a number of times – have you? Whatever the project, party, or holiday is – I end up racking my brain knowing there was something great that I’ve now forgotten. A big part of my daily job is to put myself in the places and spaces to get great inspiration, then to be able to keep it and harness it when it comes.

I’m excited to share a few favorite ways to capture creative inspiration. You can use these steps for any blog, business, or even a get together you are planning; to make sure it ends up just like you envisioned it.

Creative Inspiration

1. Take the time to get the details right

One thing I have learned over the past few years is that I need to be detailed with my inspiration. Anything from the perfect cup shape, to the exact dimensions of a party table, requires being specific! Knowing the details of what inspires me is really important when it comes to the creative process. Taking the extra few moments to jot down details, pin a picture, or send an email are the perfect way to capture these details. I was often frustrated in not having a big enough screen to pin, or not having a full keyboard to type when trying to do all these things on my phone. Recently, my husband taught me how to use our new ASUS Transformer Book Chi, and capturing these details has been much easier. (Plus, because it’s a 2 in 1 it connects to the keyboard like a magnet, so I can use it as a tablet to get the perfect picture, and snap it right back onto the keyboard to write myself a note about it!)

2. Take the time to organize your inspiration

Once I have a photo/note of something that inspires me, saving it in right spot makes all the difference. Here is a peak into my creative capturing process:

– I pin the photo to a private Pinterest board where I keep everything that inspires me

– I use my Google calendar and link to the pin so it is easy to find during the season, month or week I plan to use it

– When we sit down for brainstorming and planning for a new season of blogging, I open my calendar and everything is right there – titled, photo and linked

The process has worked great so far and allows me to keep everything accessible no matter where I’m working. Using the ASUS Transformer Book Chi has enabled me to carry a small and versatile system with me wherever I go (I mean, it is a tablet when I need a tablet, and a computer when I need a computer. And seriously, it connects with magnets – that never gets old!). The creative inspiration process can easily get distracting – I’ve found having a set system in place really helps me to be a better blogger.

Do you have a system for capturing your creative inspiration? I’d love to hear.

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