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how to host a successful craft party

How to host a successful craft party

A couple weeks ago, Smirnoff asked me if I wanted to throw a craft night to try out their new line of infused s?orbet vodka. The idea was to invite friends over to taste something new and try something new. It ended up being one of my favorite parties yet, and a perfect way to welcome friends into our new home.

How to host a successful craft party

crafty kitchen towel update

Here are my tips for hosting your own successful craft night:

1) Pick an everybody-can-do project

When I was deciding on the project for the night, I wanted something everyone would be able to do no matter their skill level. We designed kitchen towels which ended up being a great choice. I picked out affordable kitchen towels before the party (Ikea has a great selection) and laid out two per person on the table. I also provided a box of old fabric scraps and lots of paper alphabet and shape templates + washable fabric glue and embroidery thread.

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No matter their craft ability, everyone was able to make a pretty towel; some were downright amazing. They became a fun project to take home and use, or to make as a gift.

How to host a successful craft party

2) Hire a babysitter

I knew I wanted to invite a group of mom’s to the craft night and it is so much easier to get out with little ones when you know you have a babysitter secured. I hired my favorite sitter to play and craft out back with the kids while the mom’s enjoyed a leisurely time inside kid-free. I got so many thank you’s at the end of the night and had a great turn out. It was fun to feel like the party was not just a fun time, but also a blessing to their entire families.

How to host a successful craft party

how to host a successful craft party

3) Use pretty supplies

I was very pleased to put our 10 foot dinning table to use and added only a few extra pretty supplies for decorations. It was easy to fill the table with pretty scissors, bright thread, and the project itself. Don’t worry too much about extra decor for a craft party – use what is on hand.

Smirnoff Sorbet Light* Berry Cosmo: make it with 1.5 oz Raspberry Pomegranate SMIRNOFF SORBET™ Light, 2 oz Cranberry Juice, 0.25 oz Fresh Lime Juice Smirnoff Sorbet Light* Lemon Cucumber Martini: Make it with 1.5 oz Lemon SMIRNOFF SORBET™ Light, 0.5 oz Lemon Juice, 0.5 oz Agave Nectar, 10 Slices of English cucumber, 1.5 oz Club Soda

4) Serve awesome drinks

Not every craft party must have an open bar, but it sure made our evening more enjoyable. Smirnoff asked me to try out their new line of infused vodka’s for the party, and I made three new drinks.

The Berry Cosmo was a hit during the night:

Smirnoff Sorbet Light* Berry Cosmo

•1.5 oz Raspberry Pomegranate SMIRNOFF SORBET™ Light
•2 oz Cranberry Juice
•0.25 oz Fresh Lime Juice

My new favorite drink – the Lemon Cucumber Martini – was really amazing: 

Smirnoff Sorbet Light* Lemon Cucumber Martini

•1.5 oz Lemon SMIRNOFF SORBET™ Light
•0.5 oz Lemon Juice
•0.5 oz Agave Nectar
•10 Slices of English cucumber
•1.5 oz Club Soda
And lastly we tasted the Tropical Martini which used coconut water and tasted like paradise:

Smirnoff Sorbet Light* Tropical Martini

•1.5 oz Mango Passion Fruit SMIRNOFF SORBET™ Light
•1.5 oz Coconut Water

1 oz Pineapple Juice

how to host a craft party

How to host a craft party

5) Plan your own

I am really not kidding when I say this party was one of my favorites. We sipped drinks, had a blast crafting, and chatted until the sitter absolutely had to go home. It was a great joy to feel like I was sharing a bit of my passion with my friends. It might become a seasonal tradition (already planning a fall and Christmas crafting party!). Host your own today, it would be a fun idea for a bridal s?hower and let me know how it goes – I’d love to hear. xoxo

This is a sponsored post by Smirnoff Sorbet Light, a line of infused vodka that is not only delicious but 25% lower in calories than the leading dessert-inspired flavored vodkas. There are 3 new flavors to try – each just as light and refreshingly tasty as the next. All reviews and fun ideas are totally my own.

Photography done in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography.


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  1. Erika, thanks! I wish:) Unfortunately, I shot the photos just before everyone came over so we could really have a party – not a staged shoot:) The downside was I didn’t get a shot of all the pretty towels. I totally wish I had – next time. xoxo

  2. I’ve hosted a few craft parties here and there, and they are almost always better with a little bit of alcohol. :) Those drinks look delicious.

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