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How To Play Bridal Shower Bingo

A bridal shower is about more than just plying the bride-to-be with gifts – it’s about celebrating the person she is, her transition into the next stage of her life, and the people who love her.

And one of the most important parts of making her day special is making sure that everyone has fun, as well as introducing friends and family who may not know each other.

No bridal shower is complete without bridal party games, and one of the best games you can play is bridal shower bingo!

Not only is it super entertaining, but it can be played in different ways to keep things exciting. It’s also a great icebreaker for any guests who haven’t been introduced yet.

That’s why we’ve put together our own printable bridal bingo template, along with a helpful guide on how to use this super flexible game to take your bridal shower to the next level.

How Do You Play Bridal Shower Bingo?

A straightforward game of bridal shower bingo is similar to a traditional game of bingo, as far as the rules go. Every player gets a card and a marker (which could be a literal marker, a pencil, a stamp, or even stickers!).

The aim of the game is to cover or cross out five squares in a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

In a typical game of bingo, a “caller” will call out numbers or ask questions that are answered by a square on the card. If a player has the number or answer, they cross out that square.

This continues until someone crosses out five in a row, stands up, and yells “bingo!” That person wins the game.

Bridal shower bingo shares similar rules, but there are two versions that are both played quite differently.

These two ways of playing make the game more interactive, helping to both propel the bridal shower, integrate with the bride’s present unwrapping, and make it much easier for guests to meet each other.

Oh, and it’s super fun – consider it a quadruple-whammy!

These are the two different versions of the bridal bingo game, and we highly recommend playing both.

Gift Unwrapping Bridal Bingo

This game uses a blank template, and it’s up to the players to fill in the spaces.

  1. Give each player a card and a pencil/pen + marker of some kind
  2. Have each player write down the bridle gift they bought in the center square, beneath the “A Subtle Revelry” logo
  3. layers must come up with different gifts that they think the bride might receive. They then write each gift guess into the remaining twenty-four squares
  4. As the gift unwrapping begins, players will cross off any gifts that they guessed correctly. The first to cross out a row of five wins!

‘Find The Guest’ Bridal Bingo

Find The Guest’ Bridal Bingo

This next round of bingo is very different and involves much more walking around and talking. Each square will hold a specific description, such as ‘is a bridesmaid,’ ‘is not a drinker,’ ‘has been married more than once.’

The middle square has no description and is automatically included in the final count.

  1. Give each player a card and a marker of some kind
  2. Encourage everyone to stand up and begin mingling
  3. The aim of the game is to find a guest who fits one of the descriptions on the squares
  4. Each time they find a person who fits a description, they can cross out that square.
  5. The first player to find five descriptions in a row wins!

Note: we strongly recommend you add these three caveats to make the game more competitive, and keep it going a little longer.

  • The winner is required to not only have five squares in a row, but they must be able to name and identify all five guests and the description that applies to them. This helps people remember the names of fellow guests they meet!
  • Players can only use one description per guest. For example, if you meet another guest who ‘owns their own business,’ but also ‘has a tattoo,’ you can only cross off one of these descriptions and leave the other. This does two things: a) it forces players to think more strategically (you’re more likely to find another guest who has a tattoo than another guest who owns their own business, etc), and b) it encourages guests to talk to each other for longer and to learn more about the other person.
  • Each guest who fits a description should be able to provide proof of some kind, whether via photos, social media, or someone else’s testimony, i.e a person who ‘is younger than 30,’ can show their listed age on Facebook. Evidence will be much easier to find for some descriptions than others, so do this at your own discretion!

Bridal Bingo Template

Below we’ve provided two free printable bridal shower bingo templates for both versions of the game: all you have to do is print enough for every guest!

You can also use the blank template to edit and create your own version of the game with more different descriptions for the ‘Find The Guest’ version.

Prizes For Bridal Shower Bingo

We recommend organizing a few little goodies as prizes, to really encourage guests to participate in the fun. These could include:

  • Box of chocolates
  • Bottle of wine
  • Gift cards
  • Spa/skincare products (face masks, bath bombs, lotions, etc)
  • Massage or spa voucher
  • Hair accessories
  • Tea sampler set
  • Tea light candles and holder
  • Or anything else you can think of!

There are a few fun ways to play the bridal bingo game, and we highly recommend you try your own creative and customizable versions of the game.

It’s a guaranteed way to get people off their seats and encourage them to mingle with each other, as well as make the bridal gift unwrapping a little more exciting for her guests.

If you’re looking for more fun bridal shower games, wedding games, or DIY party decorations, make sure to check out more of our great articles at A Subtle Revelry.