How to Start a Blog You’re Passionate About

Blogging is really the best job ever. It gives me the ability to share the things I love, work a flexible schedule, and teach others how to do the same! It’s no wonder so many people are asking the question: how do I start a blog? I think sometimes it can seem like a big, scary endeavor…and on the one hand, it is. It requires a commitment + lots of time, energy, and hard work. But, I can promise you it’s all worth it! In this post, I am going to share how to start a blog in 10 easy steps, and I’ll even link out to some of my past posts that’ll give you the inside scoop on how to start a successful blog, and more!

How To Start A Blog - 10 easy steps!And incase you are looking for a more serious start to blogging, we’ve just launched our lifestyle business course which covers everything you need to know to start and succeed at building a digital brand. From blogging, to social media to monetizing the things you love.

How To Start A Blog WordPress

1. Pick something you’re passionate about.

In my opinion, this is absolutely the most important step. You have to build your blog on something that you enjoy for it to be sustainable. Otherwise, it’s way too easy to get bored or sick of writing about something you don’t care about, burn out, and then quit. So, my first tip on how to start a blog is definitely to determine what you love and go from there!

2. Decide which platform you’d like to use.

The term platform refers to the software or service that you’ll use to publish your content. It’s basically the system that manages your blog. There are lots of different platforms to choose, and people who want to learn how to start a blog for free can start with any number of them. If your blog becomes big (I hope it does!), you’ll want to start paying for premium features, and I’ve found that the best all-around option for me has been WordPress. It’s so easy to use, and for those who aren’t coding genuinses (aka me), I’ve found an awesome way to create a beautifully custom site without learning code! Check it out here.

3. Choose a reliable host.

A host is responsible for keeping your site up and running. If there’s ever an issue, a good host will have it resolved in no time. If you’d like a recommendation, Bluehost is a great place to start.

4. Think of a kick-ass domain name!

If you want your blog to be successful, you better believe it’s gotta have a unique and catchy domain name (i.e. web address). This is going to have a huge impact on your brand as a whole as well as your search rankings. Obviously go with something that aligns with the brand you’re trying to build, reflecting on your passion as outlined above + make sure that it’s not something that’s been done before. I encourage you to spend a lot of time on this…it can be tough to switch down the road, so make it count now!

5. Create a one-of-a-kind design.

Site design is key to make your blog stand out and to incorporate your own personal style into your site. Using a stock template may work for a little while, but once you really get into the swing of things, chances are you’ll want something more customizable. I personally love and have used Themeforest for years to pick out semi-custom themes for my site; they have lots of really great options that you can read reviews on before you select.

I’d start there and then if you’re finding you want a really specific feature, there are web designers you can hire right from their site to consult to create something special just for you! If you’re after how to start a blog and get paid, this is probably an option you’ll go after, but if you’re looking more for how to start a free blog, you may want to pass as these extras can cost some money upfront.

How to start a blog wordpressHow To Start a Blog And Make Money

6. Develop your brand.

So, you’ve determined what you want your blog to be about and have all the technical details in line to get it off the ground…now the real work begins! It’s time to really explore that passion I talked about in step one. What about it makes you excited? How can you use it to inspire others? Everything you produce should reflect back to your passion, which you’re making into your brand through your blog. When people visit your site, your brand should slap them right in the face…in a good way, of course ;) In other words, it should be blatantly obvious what you are all about, and you should own it! You’ll keep the attention of your target (intended) audience if you stay true to the brand you’ve built. For some inspiration, check out my How to Make a Vision Board post that’s a great starting point for getting your ideas out and into play.

7. Produce unique and high quality content.

No one wants to read a post that’s been done and redone a million times over without anything fun, new, or exciting added in. Similarly, no one wants to read something interesting that’s filled with all sorts of errors, inaccurate information, etc. Instead, people want creative ideas, uncommon knowledge, and eclectic material.

So, give the people what they want!

Study up on what your audience likes or finds attractive or important. Try to find a niche so that you stand out among the rest.

How To Start A Successful Blog

8. Be consistent.

Consistency is so important for retaining the loyal followers you’ve worked so hard to gain. And it matters in multiple areas of your blog. Being consistent to your brand but also consistently producing content are both significant factors for running a successful blog. It’s absolutely ok, and encouraged, to switch things up…but don’t be so unpredictable that people lose interest.

We talk a LOT about this consistency in branding and style in our lifestyle business course. It goes for all your digital outlets (your blog should be seamlessly consistent with your Instagram, Pinterest boards etc), I even offer a coaching portion where we walk through how to do this together.

9. Utilize social media.

There’s no denying it’s power these days. And really it’s a whole lot of fun! There are so many platforms you can use to make a statement, but the “big four” in my opinion are: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. You’ve gotta have a presence on these guys if you really truly want to grow your blog.

10. Stay organized.

With a blog + associated social media accounts to manage, things may seem to get a little crazy. But, they don’t have to! I plan out all of my posting in advance and use an editorial calendar to keep it all organized. If you’d like more tips how to practically get this done, make sure you read about my favorite online apps that I truly couldn’t live without! And I have a highlight saved in my IG stories right here where I show our editorial planning process.

By now you should feel like you have some of the answers to the question: “how do you start a blog?” There are so many different things you can do, and that’s what I love about this career…you can make it all your own! You can start a free blog, work part-time, start a for-profit blog, work full-time, or anything in between.

PS. If you’d like to learn how to make money blogging, hear about how to start running a lifestyle business, or read even more blogging tips, click on any of the links and always, share with me your feedback! Happy blogging, friends!

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