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ice cream bike cart

We had our first summer party this week and I wanted to serve a cold treat that everyone would enjoy. We looked into renting ice cream carts but they were crazy expensive. So we decided to make one ourselves and pull it behind the bike. It was a hit! The project was surprisingly simple and everyone had a blast being served as the bike cycled by them. We stashed a cooler inside the cart to keep the treats cold and had a proper scooper (aka sandal wearing husband) to be sure everyone had festive service.

To make the ice cream bike cart, we first made a simple box of wood cut from at The Home Depot (thanks husband!). We decided on exact measurements before we went and had a $10 plank of wood cut down for free. After it was attached together, I covered the box in a paper confetti tablecloth and we used our wagon wheels to pull it behind the bike. The cart made a huge festive impact for very little effort. And that is what summer is really about… work a little, and produce a whole lot of fun!

  1. Corrie Anne

    26 June

    Why didn’t I think of that!??!!! Seriously. I love it. Last summer we were trying to find an ice cream vendor for our wedding, and couldn’t get ANYONE to come out to small town Minnesota. Lol. This owuld’ve been perfect. So cute. Now I just have an excuse for another party!

  2. Tara

    26 June

    Amazing! I love this idea and would love to recreate it in our neighborhood.

  3. Lena

    26 June

    This is so wonderful–I adore it!

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  5. Christi

    27 June

    What a fantastic idea!! I love it :)

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  7. Megan

    27 June

    super super cute! I have an aversion to the ice cream truck (weird story about a fake ice cream man…ahh!) so this is such a wonderful little replacement. I wish you guys would come pedaling through my neighborhood!

  8. This is adorable! I should convert my cargo bike in the summertime into an ice cream cart! :-)

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  10. Jerry Sheilds

    26 August

    Wow, I cannot believe how simply yet effective that is. I think it is time for my kids to switch from yearly lemonade sales to yearly ice cream sales.

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  13. linda

    8 June

    love this idea. Only i was wondering how did you keep the ice cream frozen still?

  14. Roxy

    25 January

    How did you keep ice cream frozen

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