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What do you see here?

As we are quickly moving right on into this new year, I’d love to know a bit more about you and what you see when you click through to visit with me here every day. I have a big plans for 2013, including a site redesign and a handful of new series. I’d love to make sure we have the same vision, you and I.

So tell me… What’s your favorite thing you’ve seen here? What would you love to see more of? And what is your blog url (if you have one), because I’d love to click over for a bit and see through your eyes as well!Β Click here to take survey.

Photo of my little drawing in the sky, from our family photos by Erin Holland. xoxo

  1. meghan beck

    8 January

    i started following your blog a couple years ago and instantly added you to my short blog list. i feel drawn to your blog on a personal level. i also struggled with infertility, and was also blessed with boy/girl twins :) mine will be four in march. because of that i always check your for pictures of your darlings and kid friendly ideas. one of my favorite posts of yours was a picnic on the beach. i saved the photo on my desktop somewhere, before i knew about pinterest. your posts make me daydream.

    • Victoria

      8 January

      Meghan, your twins are adorable, and your birthday you just posted on looks like so much fun! Thanks for following along and sharing these sweet words:) xoxo

  2. Carrie

    9 January

    I LOVE your website. You have very practical diy projects and they’re all so beautiful! I loved that I could read about your knotted fabric garland and then go make it myself with what I had around my house. So easy yet brilliant! This is one of my top 5 blogs.

  3. Raya

    9 January

    I adore your blog! I think you’re one of the few who keeps the soul of originality alive. When you post something, I know I haven’t seen it before. Your projects are always super cute. The tutorials are practical and easy to follow. If I need inspiration, A Subtle Revelry is where I need to be! Keep up the amazing work + I wish you the best for 2013 xoxo

    • Victoria

      9 January

      Raya, thanks so much for the sweet words! I try hard to be creative and not copy others- at times I think it sometimes stints my success, but it’s really nice to know you appreciate that about this site. xoxo

  4. andrea

    28 March

    I just think that your colorful photos are really beautiful and I love your ideas. Thanks so much for sharing! I love how everything is always really, well, just colorful and pretty!

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