As promised here is the somewhat impractical but oh-so lovely food accessory from the recent sly fox baby shower. May I present for your baking pleasure… bread spoons.

Make impractically lovely bread-spoons yourself…

If you have been around here at all you know that I do not actually “make food”. My spoons start as all my food does, with a nice package of dough. For our shower a talented friend actually made the spoons with fresh herbed focaccia- YUM! They work just as well though with purchased dough.

To make the bread-spoons:

  • First roll out the dough into one thin layer.
  • Spread the thin layer over a metal spoon, be sure to keep the layer as thin as possible as you cover the spoon- it will poof up quite a bit once baked.
  • Using your thumb or another spoon press in the shape of the spoon. Press as firm as possible to ensure a good spoon form once baked.
  • Pop a tray of these in the oven and bake. Mine were finished in about 80% regular bake time. Let cool and enjoy.

They are great to use with soups, as you dip the spoon into the soup the bread will slowly melt away leaving you with an actual spoon to use. Try them one night at home and allow yourself your kids to play with their food and eat it too:)

While writing this tutorial I suddenly had a craving for cookies which quickly lead me to these….


Replace the bread with cookie dough, use a much smaller spoon and you have the perfect compliment for an afternoon cup of coffee. Stir and enjoy the goodness of chocolate chips melting in your cup. I couldn’t be more pleased…

Wouldn’t these be lovely to serve at a brunch or give as party (wedding) favors tied with pretty ribbon and a small bag of coffee. I think I am in love;)