In my sketch book- holiday at the beach • A Subtle Revelry

In my sketch book- holiday at the beach

In my sketch book- holiday at the beach

In my sketch book- A new series I will be doing to share a bit more of my creative process with you.

I am super excited about launching this series! Before each event I style comes a sketch, and from that sketch come all my plans and projects. I am working, a very talented artist for this series. I completely adore how he brought my vision for our holiday at the beach to life. Do you sketch at all? It will be fun to find out together how much the actual event mirrors the ideas above.



  1. Sarah

    2 November

    How charming! The snow angels are an especially nice touch :)

  2. Love this Vicky! I’ve been sketching a few of my set-ups, but they certainly don’t look as nice as this. Can’t wait to see it in real life!


  3. Lei

    2 November


  4. LatteLove

    2 November

    is this at Oceanside pier? or just any random SD pier?

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  6. Vicky

    2 November

    It is actually the Pacific Beach Pier- we ended up having the party to the north of it though because of a seaweed/dump truck fiasco- so we will all have to imagine that part of the sketch being flipped:)

  7. Lena

    2 November

    Not only is the sketch adorable, the event is even more magical! I can’t wait to get another peek into your creative process!

  8. Diana

    2 November

    Luvs!! This is adorable, you are so imaginative and creative. Very talented, girl!

  9. Natasha

    2 November

    This is so special! I can’t wait to see this sketch come to life :)

  10. domestikate

    2 November

    Ooh looks like it will make an exciting event! What a lovely idea. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your creative process!

  11. Jess Gilbert

    2 November

    Oh, love this Vicky! Really intrigued to see this side of it :)

  12. Margot Madison

    8 November

    I love seeing the process behind your event design. It’s good to see the entire vision laid out as I tend to focus on the small pieces only…

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  14. what a beautiful drawing! i love how you were able to make your vision come to fruition!

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