It is about this time of year that I begin to get all antsy for spring. I’m ready for sun and warmth – yet the rain and clouds seem to stay around forever! Continuing from last week, I am arming myself to celebrate even the droopiest of days. These easy-to-craft infinity raindrop tags are an easy way to turn that droop upside down (and around again) forever.

To make the raindrop tags; cut three pieces of paper 12 in by 1/8 of an inch.

Cut each strip in half. Trim the bottom two each one inch smaller than the top. Fold the papers over onto themselves and glue. Glue the two raindrops together. Take another skinny length and twist and tie around the center creating a small simple bow. 

Attach the raindrops to packages and use the simple tags above to finish off spring presents. Download the page of printable spring gift tags right here.

Styling and photography by Carly Taylor for A Subtle Revelry.