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Sew a baby dress tutorial

This weekend I am inspired by my mom who is lovely and very missed now that we have moved away. She claims to not be crafty but can sew just about anything. She taught me her tricks for easy sewing with this sew a baby dress tutorial.

Like this dress she made for chica,

and this one made out of the skirt I wore on our first year of marriage anniversary date (gallivanting around Niagara Falls swooning in love).

She is quite inspiring- in her honor I plan to actually use my sewing machine this weekend:)

Sew a baby dress tutorial:

Take a skirt and fold over the top. Cut two small arm holes on the sides and stitch the holes and a 1 inch top hole. Line with ribbon and tie.

A few other sew inspired beauties for you:

A pin cushion cupcake

This video uses red thread to animate life scenes.

Making old clothes new again with stitches even I can do.

Soft blocks for your baby.

Bows for boys & bows for girls.

And this awesome free art piece that is standing in next to Chica above- not sew related but too lovely not to share.

Also a bit of vintage baby love for you, in honor of my little brother who is moving across the country on Sunday.

Have a wonderfully inspired weekend everyone.


  1. chelsea

    19 February

    i love the printable poster. too cute! and “chica’s” orange dress is adorable!

  2. Janna

    19 February

    Those dresses are gorgeous!

    And I hadn’t seen your brother’s poem before. SO sweet. Made me cry! He’s very talented.

  3. m

    19 February

    V, great post! lu guys

  4. Jackie

    19 February

    i just adore your blog!! Quick question for ya!! I am buying some curtains- they are really simple for the nursery- pale yellow, crinkly, and they have lots of ties at the top to the curtain rod. I want to add some of those fabric flowers you added to your lamp and I want to do big ones- with material that’s patterned and solid reds, yellows, greens, etc.

    Do you have a user friendly tutorial on creating those flowers or know of someone that does? Seriously I am that un-crafty, but get so inspired by your blog posts!

  5. Vicky

    19 February

    Jackie, thanks for the encouragement. The curtains sound so cute. Large flowers are lovely (ps. I will be making some out of paper in the coming weeks, that will have a tutorial with it:)

    The flowers are super easy to make, there are hundreds of tutorials out there for fabric ones, which is why I didn’t post one. I did a really simple version, something like this-

    You simply cut out 5-8 circles in descending sizes and thread them together. You have to bunch a little here and there while you thread and you can do a button in the center for extra cuteness.

    Hope that helps:)

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