We have great friends coming to spend the weekend with us. I am excited to see them and to show off our new city by taking them strawberry picking, seriously drooling just thinking about the fresh off the vine taste. I love summer- the stands of fresh fruit and farmers markets galore. I am also busy working on a design that will be done later this summer using funky & fresh vegetable decor ideas. Basically, I am head over heels with fresh off the farm inspiration this weekend, enjoy….

(Veggie table-scape at its best)

Others inspired by the farm-

A wedding so fresh I can taste the herbs.
A very sweet garden marker that would have surly helped my sad attempt.
Artichokes as candle holders, lovely since they are finally in season.
The least likely farm animal to be this dang photogenic.
Find your own farm to pick fresh fruits and veggies at.
How to create an edible vegetable bouquet for your next party.
An adorable striped bag for carrying your vegetables home.
A drink to serve while enjoying your farm fresh meal.
90 recipies made from a neighborhood market.
The university districts Farmer’s market is the largest in Seattle, I used to walk here on weekends. I still miss the amazing, fresh muscles- go if you have the chance.


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