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Jack-O-Lantern balloons

Jack-O-Lantern balloons

Happy October! It’s the month of spooky faces, pumpkin carving and… balloons! Balloons you say? Absolutely.

Before grabbing that knife and getting pumpkin guts all over the house, try making a set of jack-o-lantern balloons for the porch. They are bright, fun and way less work than pumpkin carving will be. I learned a good lesson last year –

Not much makes kids happier than balloons – and you can trust me, I spend a lot of time around both kids and balloons!!!

As a general rule, balloons make every situation more happy and festive. And this fall, whether you are planning a classroom party at school or a chili cook-off at home, these bright jack-o-lantern balloons will make your event so much better.

I am excited to be starting a new partnership with Balloon time, maker of those perfect portable helium tanks that I use everyday. Together we will be sharing fun and creative balloon DIY’s all season long. Follow along with the simple directions for these carved pumpkin face balloons and grab your own helium tank to bring the spooky spectacular fun wherever you plan to be.

Jack-O-Lantern balloons

Jack-O-Lantern balloons

Jack-O-Lantern balloons

These balloons are taunting you to grab a handful of balloons and get going, aren’t they??? I quickly bore of the orange simple pumpkin carve which is why we’ve gotten crazy in the past with carving pineapples, making party lanterns and poking push pins through them. But nothing… I say nothing… beats the bright fun of a jack-o-lantern balloon. Pick any color in the rainbow and let’s get started making our own very colorful Halloween.

Jack-O-Lantern balloons

Jack-O-Lantern balloons

Jack-O-Lantern balloons

The Balloon time helium tanks are great for parties on the go. Grab one and bring it right into the classroom at school (I promise the kids will freak!), or have it at home to blow up a balloon for each trick-or-treater – your house will quickly become the best stop on the block. Anyway you use it the ease of having helium always at hand is one of those life necessities you quickly realize you always did need.

DIY Jack-O-Lantern balloons

To make the jack-o-lantern balloons you will need:

      1. Create a jack-o-lantern face template with pencil and paper. This is a fun part of the process and every face can look a bit different.
      2. Trace the template onto the contact paper and cut out.

Balloon time helium tanks

    1. Blow up the balloons with a Balloon time helium tank.
    2. Place the cut jack-o-lantern face onto the balloon for a colorful Halloween spook.

Jack-O-Lantern balloons

Jack-O-Lantern balloons

Can I tell you how crazy excited I get to see bright, fun colorful ways to celebrate Halloween. They make me so happy!

PS. Bright cat garland and a balloon bouquet costume.

This post is sponsored by our newest partner Balloon time – maker of the awesome helium tanks I use everyday.

(Photography @A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

  1. These balloons are absolutely amazing! I love them!

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