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jr. librarian party

I spotted this Jr. librarian party that Celeste threw for her daughter and it looks perfectly adorable. She describes the party as, “loads of nerdy fun!”. Each child received a freezer stenciled canvas library bag as a favor and they played great games like, walk around the room with a book on your head. I love finding fresh party concepts that aren’t too cheesy for older kids.

Photos and concept by On hand + Modern.

PS. If you’d like to freezer stencil your own tote favors, Liz has a great tutorial.



  1. Rach

    24 March

    Aww, fun! I worked in a library for a year, we so should’ve had a party like this!

  2. celeste

    24 March

    nerdy is the new awesome. :) thanks for the mention, victoria!

  3. Lisa

    24 March

    Haha, aww! When I was little, my best friend and I used to have “reading contests” where we would find chapter books about the same length and see who could finish them faster. Needless to say, I’m now an English major and can read reeeeally fast :P We would have loved this! So cute, thanks for posting it! :)
    Hope you’re having a lovely day!

  4. brittni

    24 March

    adorable! love the first two images especially.

  5. Lena

    24 March

    Nerdy fun-isn’t that the very best kind?! Love this!

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