Large tissue-pom flowers • A Subtle Revelry

Large tissue-pom flowers

Large tissue-pom flowers

Make it yourself: Large tissue pom flowers-

Start with a 6 inch diameter circle of heavy weight paper or cardboard for your base circle.

You will use 6 pieces of coordinating tissue paper. Doing one at a time begin making your petals. Connect the two short ends of one side and secure onto the base circle with tape. Connect the other opposite two ends and secure on the backside of the circle.

Working gently with the paper poof your petal out and into shape.

Repeat to create six petals.

Finish off with a 4 inch diameter pre-adhered piece of felt to cover all the lose ends. Simply place it on top and press down, the center will hold up to a rainstorm-  it was tested last week:)

Hang alone…

or together to brighten up your party space.

PS. I think these will make you smile.


  1. Janice

    5 March

    For anyone planning a BLOOM party. Trader Joes sells ‘Bloom’ Reisling in a super fantastic cute bottle for $7.99!

  2. Brittany

    28 May


    I was wondering if you had any ideas on how you could attach these adorable blooms to a wall? I tried tape, but it fell down in a matter of seconds. Help! Thank you so much for your post! What an adorable idea!

  3. Vicky

    28 May

    Hey Brittany. I used tape on the backs of the flowers taping the actual tissue petals to the walls in three different spots. If that doesn’t work you could also hang them by attaching string and then taping the string further up the wall, or you could use a thumbtack to hold the string in if tape will not stick to your wall.

    Hope you can figure it out before you party starts….

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