summer picnic in the park

Summer feels like it is flying by this year! Enjoying this glorious season of sun and rest through picnicking is a magical way to slow it down, even if only for an afternoon. This week I will be sharing photos and projects I’ve styled for summer picnic inspiration. Simple textures, little sandwiches and a bit of festive flair thrown into the mix will make any afternoon in the park one to celebrate.

Creating a pretty picnic should be easy. Dip dyed streamers in perfect shades of pink, a homemade picnic basket, and a thick butcher block set the stage for our party for two under the sun.

Have you enjoyed a picnic outdoors yet this season? It is worth sneaking out for an afternoon with someone or someones to lay on a blanket and break bread together. A sweet dessert (like extra large macaroons) will encourage the celebration all the more and simple summer blossoms laid about give that relaxed feeling we all crave this time of year.

Photography by Jackie Wonders for a subtle revelry.

PS. The paint dyed streamer tutorial is here and the scarf to picnic basket tutorial can be found here.



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Posted July 19, 2011
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14 Responses to “summer picnic in the park”

  1. Giulia says:

    I love picnic’s. We have one every week at my daughter’s soccer practice. Our easy go to picnic is to brink a roast chicken and raw veggies to go with it.
    BTW I have that same stripped tray and love it!

  2. Lovely work! I enjoy the non “matchy-matchy” feel of it–different textures, colors and shapes that all work together beautfiully.

    If it weren’t 110 degrees outside, I’d do it. ;o)

  3. Danee Kaplan says:

    I secretly suspect that you could make washing the dog or cleaning the bathroom look nostalgic and wonderful. Its all in the way you set the mood and photograph it all. I just want to live in this world you create.

    • Victoria says:

      Danee, you are super kind!

      Somedays, I have to laugh at how different my daily life looks compared to this. Anything that you see prettily set out you must trust has not been anywhere near the twins:)

  4. Rebecca says:

    These pictures are lovely. What great styling and photography… Where’d you get that nice tray??

  5. Monica says:

    This is beautiful! I am definitely gonna squeeze in a few picnics before summer is over!

  6. Lena says:

    Before I got all the way to the end of this gorgeous post, I called John to proposition him for a picnic tonight-you got me!

  7. Shasta says:

    this is so sweet Victoria – I’m going to call my sweetheart and suggest it, at least once this humidity subsides :) I’m a sucker for little sandwiches.

  8. Hana says:

    This looks like a lovely way to spend a lazy afternoon. You have me dreaming of summer! H xo

  9. Kayce says:

    Oh my, that was just the nicest picnic ever. It makes me want to call hubby and meet at a park. Unfortunately, being that its 91 outside we’ll need to wait a few months. Lovely photos and very relaxing :)


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