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leather hearts

In the midst of kid centric Valentine prep I’ve wanted to design something pretty to give away to the people I know over three feet tall. Using leather scraps (found for cheap at local craft stores), a pack of key rings and an exacto knife I put together these leather heart key chains. A little something sweet for the more grown up red heart crowd.

To make these key chains, cut out hearts and strips from textured leather sheets. Use the x-acto knife to “draw” a heart onto a single strip for a guy or other design. Press firmly for a good showing, but be sure not to tear the leather as you draw. Attach your leather piece directly onto the key ring or use a small amount of velvet ribbon to add a girlie touch. Thread the key chains onto simple card stock paper with a kind note for co-workers, teachers and friends.

These heart key chains would also make great wedding favors, see here.


  1. Lena

    6 February

    How did you know I needed a new keychain?!

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  3. Emily

    7 February

    These are absolutely adorable! And they look so easy!


  4. Such a useful idea for Valentines day! LOVE IT!

  5. Naomi A.

    7 February

    LOVE this!! So simple yet so cute!

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