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Leather Tassel Bookmarks + My Favorite Summer Books

Summer reading is an obvious favorite. Picking up a great book while headed out for vacation means our time away will be that much sweeter. Before signing off for the long holiday weekend I thought I’d share a few favorite books perfect for a summer vacation away, or a Saturday to lounge around dreaming about that beachside vacation.

And to go with the perfect book, a pretty leather tassel bookmark is a great addition. These bookmarks are simple to make! They’ll be a great addition to your vacation tote or would make quick favors for a girl’s night or summer birthday present.

Leather Tassel Bookmarks

To make the leather bookmarks you will need:

  • Leather or faux leather in multiple colors
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Pen
  • Paper

1. Start by making a bookmark stencil out of paper. Cut it out. Trace the stencil on the fabric, and cut it out. You’re going to be gluing the pieces of leather onto this piece of fabric.

2. Trace part of the stencil on the leather, and use a ruler to draw a diagonal line. Cut it out. Complete the bookmark by tracing the other half of the stencil, like the picture above. To make a bookmark with 3 colors, cut a piece off of one of the halves, and replace it with a different color.

3. Use fabric glue to glue the pieces onto the fabric bookmark. Let the glue dry.

4. To make the leather tassel, start by cutting a thin strip of leather. Glue the two ends together. Cut out a long rectangle out of the leather. Fringe one side.

5. Glue the thread to the top left corner of the rectangle (the side that doesn’t have the fringe).

6. Apply a line of fabric glue to the side without the fringe, then roll up the tassel. Let the glue dry. Poke a hole in the bookmark, thread the string through the hole, and pull the tassel through the thread. Pull it tight.

And if you’re looking for a perfect beach day book, here are a few of my favorites both old and new:

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

Dad Is Fat. Our favorite comedian – this is a great book to listen to, he reads it and the delivery it pitch perfect.

Queen Noor. A biography of the American queen of Jordan, I found this book fascinating to see how an American would connect so deeply with a culture that feels a world away.

A Man Called OVE. One of my favorite books of the year, it’s a slow start but once it catches you it becomes a story you will treasure.

Big Little Lies, SO Good! Loved this book and then I immediately binge watched the series, which was not nearly as good as the book.

Present Over Perfect. A great read on slowing down and savoring today.

Have an awesome holiday weekend!

(Photo concept, design and photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Amy Larkin).

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