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Lovely to be loved…

A Mother’s Day Brunch design, inspired by vintage yellow bikes and the like…

She loves daffodils so that was an easy choice for our pre-Mother’s Day Tea. Wrapped in a Mother’s Day bouquet label, the flower’s brightness stood out amidst the vintage backdrop of the day.

A rusty yellow bike reminds me of childhood more than any other item. The freedom of being able to ride for hours, and when the day was spent coming home to dinner, hugs and the loveliness of having a mom.

Each mom at our Mother’s Day tea received a yellow bicycle key chain attached to a thank you card for all their wonderfully important work.

The favors were hung on the wall creating an artful display. An idea I first saw here using a pin board. I wanted to make it a bit more formal for tea, so we strung thread around two tiny nails and hung the favors with thin metal chains. As it turned out, they hung daintily, like fine necklaces from the wall. Accessorizing with favors might be my new favorite trend.

The muffins each had flags with yellow bikes on top and a pink touch of loveliness to begin the meal.

I realize the trend right now is for cupcakes, but our local baker had these adorable heart pirouette cookies that I could not resist. They were the perfect flaky addition to afternoon tea. Each cookie was tied up with embroidery thread and flagged- Lovely to be a cookie, because why should cupcakes get all the love?

I took my first try at freezer stenciling and used the tutorial found here. My only advice if you decided to try this project is to pick a very simple design- hundreds of cuts for bicycle wheel spokes made it quite the challenge. I used my homemade stencil to decorate the cake with a yellow sprinkled bike. Afterward, with a little yellow paint it livened up the wispy pink and grey stripped table linens.

The cake was also adorned with a strand of miniature bunting to celebrate the occasion.

We served tea and sparkling punch labeled in the Mother’s Day labels I designed for the day.

The label I designed was inspired by an old vintage card that had been worn and dragged around for awhile. It quickly became my jumping off point for this Mother’s Day tea. I love the label’s mixture of old world charm in the detail and distinctly modern touches in the type. It is the perfect size for a double bouquet of flowers handed to mom or even sent from far away.

To compliment the bunches of daffodils we made individual raffia flowers and placed them around the room in modern white vases.

On the wall hung large grey and white stripped bunting with fake yellow bike cross stitch. The cross stitches were an extremely easy and fun project that brought a distinctly vintage flair to our afternoon.

Two toned scalloped bunting became a perfect backdrop for our tea.

It was a wonderful day for afternoon tea to celebrate with good friends and amazing moms, even if it was a few weeks early;) May this inspire many tea’s, and flowers, and lovely details as the actual holiday of Mother’s Day approaches.


PS. All the DIY’s coming soon:)


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  2. dana

    16 April

    Thanks for sharing this with me. Such a beautiful party and some fun ideas!
    – dana

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  4. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing the link ;), what a lovely Mother’s Day brunch.

  5. Alecia Stoney

    27 April

    Great post, will be back soon.

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