My Favorite Mexican Restaurant • A Subtle Revelry

My Favorite Mexican Restaurant

This weekend we are making the first of many, many trips back to Vegas for Matt’s new job. I will be busy eating at my favorite Mexican restaurant and taking a big, goofy family photo with the grandparents + I get the chance to finally meet this adorable little man! Hope your weekend is lovely as well.

(I wasn’t feeling up to carrying a baby so he walked around downtown with them just like this for the afternoon- we were all high on happiness when it was over)

A few links to enjoy:

A bouquet out of Trader Joes bags? I promise it is much cuter than it sounds.

I have been doing a little research for my soon-to-be garden. Did you know you can buy 4,500 lady bugs for only $17– now to decide between using them for the garden or for a photo shoot.

We caught Amazon’s $3.99 sale of the new Vampire Weekend CD and I am loving it.

What beautiful family portraits these are- I especially love the train tracks and pops of hot pink throughout.

The silly notion of running away as a child becomes much more difficult with a twin around- sniffle, sniffle.

What an funny way to communicate with your neighbors.

The most adorable cookies ever– they look like real buttons!

Has your heart been moved to pray for and give to Haitian relief this past week? If you are looking for an outlet my sweet friend serves nearby in the Dominican with G.O. ministries and they are helping to build a relief fund- HERE is a great place to give.


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