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Macrame Plant Hanger DIY – A Friendship Bracelet For Plants

One of my favorite projects from our recent master suite renovation was the macrame plant hanger DIY that we put in. I needed a burst of color on one wall and didn’t want to go the art route. This macrame flower pot brings the best burst of fresh fun to the space and getting to learn the macrame knots was a fun craft goal that I’ve had for some time. It’s basically a friendship bracelet for your plants… I’m so excited to teach you how to do it today!

macrame plant hanger DIY

While you can make your macrame plant hanger diy out of any color macrame – look at this rainbow cord option or this gorgeous pastel option. We decided on bright and bold for this macrame flower pot.

To add extra umph to our hangings we painted the macrame flower pot a coordinating bold color, but this step is totally optional to the design. You could also use a pastel pink like we did with our yarn wreath for a more subtle approach.

macrame plant hangers

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

*Just a pre-craft note; your macrame plant hanger diy project will come together much easier for you if you first look up these specific knots. They are all knots you probably used if you ever made friendship bracelets in your youth! Here’s a video I found that teaches them all in one place.

  • Bay knot
  • Vertical bay knot
  • Wave knot
  • Square knot

easy macrame plant hanger DIY

Macrame Plant Hanger DIY

To make the DIY Macrame plant hanger you will need:

  • Macreme flower pot
  • Spray paint
  • Cotton cording, rope, or strong rope-like yarn (which is what we used)
  • Scissors
  • Washi tape

macrame plant hanger cordEasy Macrame Plant Hanger

Start by cutting 8 x 15′ strings and 1 x 6′ string.

To make the hanging loop for the macrame plant hanger:

  1. Set the eight cords together and fold in half, so you have 16 strings with a loop top.
  2. Tape 4 inches below the top of the loop. Take the 6′ cord and tie it with a bay knot to the top of the loop.
  3. With the right string knotted you can loop around the middle of the loop with a vertical bay knot: take the right thread over the loop, the under the loop, then through the thread and tighten. Then take the same thread, passing through under the loop, upward through the loop and pull at the thread through and tighten. Continue doing this knot until one half of the loop is done. Then take the left thread and do the same the other way.
  4. Now that you have a nice decorative loop, removed the tape. With the remaining thread from the loop, tie together with a gathering knot. Twist the two lengths around the 16 long strings for at least an inch and tie to secure with a double knot. Trim the thread ends.

Macrame Plant Hanger PatternsMacrame Plant Hanger Patterns

Separate the 16 strings into 4 groups of 4 to start knotting. In order to keep the long pieces of strings from twisting onto themselves we recommend wrapping the string into individual balls/bundles. Starting at the end of each string, wrap around the width of your hand a few times and with the remaining length wrap around that bundle leaving about a foot of string free. This takes a bit of time to organize all the strings but really helps things not get all twisted.

In one group, knot a long section with the wave knot. Continue for as long as you want. Repeat for the other 3 groups to ensure that the pattern is the same length everywhere.

Tie a knot in each section about 6″ down.

Start tying the square knot. Repeat for the other 3 groups for the same length.

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger InstructionsDIY Macrame Plant Hanger Instructions

Now we will make the net portion that will hold the macrame flower pot: taking two strings from one group and two string from the group beside it, tie three square knots about 2-3″ below that last knots. Repeat for the other 3 groups. Make sure that no strings cross over any strings and that only adjacent strings are knotted together.

Take two strings from one group and two strings for the group beside it again and tie three square knots 3″ below the last knots. If your pot is large you can continue with this netting technique for one more round.

How to make a macrame plant hanger Once you are this far…. you have arrived at the end! Whoohoo! Now it is time to tie all the strings together in a large knot about a couple inches from the last set of knots. Trim the strings to make a tassel to finish off the macrame plant hanger DIY.

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger knot tutorial

I love a craft that is fun for learning something new and also one that I know I’ll enjoy for years to come at home. These macrame plant hangers brighten up the wall and bring a major dose of happiness to the space!

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