merrymaking 6.1.2012

Happy Friday and welcome to June friends! I am enjoying the beautiful city of San Fransisco with my love today. I can never get enough of the life and vibrancy this city has to offer, it is so inspiring. Thanks so much for reading this week, have a happy weekend and I will see you back here Monday. Plus, a couple celebration links for the weekend…

Love this party in process photo by Sofia at Mokkasin (above).
Wonderful whimsy in a Paris map.
Easy summer project, a duct tape bag.
Awesome polka dot tights.
The best looking ice cream.
Have you seen Olive Us yet? The Lemonade episode is my favorite.
Yours till Niagara Falls.
An incredibly inspiring shoot.
Together mugs.
Sock label printables for Father’s Day (GENIUS!).
And recycled rooms.

PS. Last year at this time we hosted a party in a moving truck and took off for Reno (crazy!).

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Posted June 01, 2012
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8 Responses to “merrymaking 6.1.2012”

  1. Liz says:

    Thanks for these fun links. Have fun in San Fran – it’s my favorite!

  2. that paris map is too cute! have a great weekend in SF!

  3. Lena says:

    Delighted that you’re getting such beautiful Bay weather this weekend!

  4. Carrie Rowe says:

    Thank’s for sharing the Paris map! I love their work.

  5. McKenzie says:

    Have a great weekend! Thanks for the links!

  6. Latrina says:

    I was in SF just a few weeks ago. Great place to visit! What are some of your favorite things to do there?? I live in Sacramento so it’s just a short drive away, luckily. :)

    • Victoria says:

      Latrina, Jealous you live so much closer than me… That mountain pass from Reno is just the worst:) My favorite thing to do in SF is the Ferry Building Farmer’s market or attending the Foreign Cinema for dinner also I can never get enough of the wonderful shopping and gorgeous views from Chrissy Field. Although, this trip we tried a new place called The House and I had the most AMAZING Pomegranate pork chop there. A restaurant I would totally recommend next time you are in town.

  7. dg says:

    Thanks for sharing those cool links