merrymaking 3.23.2012 • A Subtle Revelry

merrymaking 3.23.2012

This week seemed big to me… We took a peak into my home, had a season turn to spring, I got wildly inspired and even made a few bigish life decisions. Everything feels breezy and ready for spring around here. Hope you have a happy weekend!

Photos above taken by Jackie Wonders, from our summer picnic. I used Liz’s tutorial to try my hand at animating (fun!).

A few other celebratory notes to enjoy this weekend:
Great confetti template
I want to take this dreamy bike ride
Black and white sharpie eggs & expression eggs
A helpful guide to using pinterest
And from the archives, a sherbert and spice party perfect for spring!

  1. Stephie

    23 March

    I love it! Hope your weekend is truly bright and breezy, Stephie x

  2. Erin

    24 March

    LOVE the Sneak Peak!! We just finished looking through the lovely images. I especially like the wooden toy cars. ( ;

    • Victoria

      26 March

      Thanks Erin:) The kids love them too! Does your dad own a business, I wasn’t sure and forgot to ask. Let me know and I will link him up.

  3. Liz

    26 March

    What a fun post! I can’t wait for summer!

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