merrymaking 3.30.2012 • A Subtle Revelry

merrymaking 3.30.2012

You guys… it will be April this weekend. Wonderful, glorious April! A month filled with birthdays, sun shinning, budding flowers, spring break and Easter. It is my favorite month of the year.

I’ve updated the sidebar with posts for the new month, which I am officially dubbing as brunch season (YUM!). Also, I will be implementing a weekly editorial calendar on Monday, streamlining our content to make it easier, and adding a couple new features… Look for them next week.

Here are a few celebration posts to close out the month of March for us. Have a happy weekend!

I am in love with these family dolls, such awesome anniversary or wedding present they would make.
Another pretty woven basket.
A book for people with a love/hate sewing relationship (that’s totally me!).
I would like to eat this Kringle for Easter morn.
The difference between a French knot and a colonial one (because you were dying to know).
Make a birthday number out of wrapping paper.
Simple thoughts for taking great photos this spring.
Easter in a box, including the dets on buying cascarones at Walmart (thanks for the tip Melanie).
And sewn tulip bowls from our spring archives.

Photo by me, more to come from this pretty floral shoot next week!

  1. Freya

    30 March

    I simply love April :)

  2. Corrie Anne

    30 March

    Ha! I LOVE brunch season!! And that birthday number out of paper is so fun. Do you think my husband woul be excited to see a big 31?? Haha.

  3. Really, the huge golden wrapping paper number is completely excellent. And the lovely flower photo. And thanks SO much for the mention of our book, Victoria!

  4. Lena

    30 March

    Brunch season and great new stuff around the blog? Horray for April!

  5. Amy Powell

    31 March

    beautiful photography! I’m so excited for April :)

  6. Liz

    2 April

    I love the new sidebar. The pictures are beautiful and really pop!

  7. Ana

    2 April

    I have a serious addiction to bread. I eat it every single day. So much for a low carb diet.

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