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merrymaking 4.20.2012

This week has been wonderful. I launched Styled. magazine issue six. Thanks for all your sweet love and support for the project, you are seriously the best! It is my favorite issue yet.

We also had a wonderful getaway with friends in San Fransisco where I saw Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion exhibit. It was an incredibly provocative show and I was surprised how many families with young children where there. Would you ever take your kids to an R rated art show for the sake of culturing them? Although risque, his materials and general work is quite amazing. I especially loved this dress made from ribbons. Here’s hoping for an equally inspiring weekend for us all.

And a few reasons to celebrate until Monday…
This floral installation is just beautiful.
How Pipi celebrated.
The best cootie catcher I have ever seen.
A pretty DIY necklace for mom.
Stripey favor bags.
Dyed skewers for fondue or smores.
And a very pretty summer party look.

Plus our house is in the Apt Therapy small cool contest, find it here. I’d love your vote!

Photo above from the Ferry Building marketplace, taken for Styled. by Athena Plichta.

PS. I joined Instagram! So far I have three photos of cakes, a snap of the ribbon dress, glitter that was priced at $25 and a couple cute twins. I imagine that’s just about right for my stream, I am vhudgins if you want to follow along.


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  1. Ooooh! I’ve actually been there and I am so excited as I am travelling to New York for Christmas and will be back in San Francisco in January 2013 before heading home!

    The latest Styled is just beautiful Victoria – congratulations. A happy birthday to you too.

    Hugs, Stephie x

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