monster straws

I wasn’t always a Halloween fan, but having kid’s has changed that. There’s nothing better than watching their eyes light up with glee, which is why we have many more family moments this month than my schedule has time for. I am often looking for easy ways to bring the fun to playdates, afternoons after school, and weekends – without making myself crazy.

Monster straws with goggly eyes

Monster Straws

These fun monster straws are a simple idea. Made out of ping pong balls, they bring a funny smile to their faces and are a cinch to pull off. They made me feel quite accomplished this weekend.

We also took a few minutes to create this easy DIY JELL-O monster decorating station using this simple Jell-O SQUIGGLERS recipe.

JELL-O JIGGLER DIY monster station

To make the monsters I let the JELL-O sit overnight and cut each monster out with a circle cookie cutter. I set out decorations and let the kids have fun creating their own JIGGLERS monsters. They added eyes, and a bit of flair, to each monster. The project was such a hit that we will be repeating it for their pre-school Halloween party. The kids loved the creativity, and of course, the great flavor of this special treat. I basked in their 4-yr-old praise that make my mommy days bliss.

Monster Straws

This post brought to you by Jello, making Halloween more wiggly for everyone. Check out more Halloween recipes here: