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Triplet Honeycomb Halloween Costume

There’s nothing like Halloween to encourage dressing up! Like most kids, these girlfriends love to dress up and match! Making this triplet honeycomb Halloween costume is a fun way to create a look that is as adorable for all. The honeycomb is quickly becoming the iconic mark of modern birthday parties and these life-size ones are even more fun. An easy costume choice for siblings, friends, and party lovers of any age.

Triplet honeycomb halloween costumetriplet costumes

honeycomb halloween costumes

How to make this triplet honeycomb Halloween costume

You will need an old shirt, 20 sheets of tissue wrapping paper, hot glue, ribbon, and wire for the top hanger.

triplet halloween costumes

Begin by cutting each sheet of tissue paper in half lengthwise. This will leave you 40 half sheets of the tissue. Glue each of the sheets vertically onto the shirt, spacing about 1/2 an inch as you glue. Work the tissue under and around the sleeves so the honeycombs are easy to put on. Begin gluing the tissue papers to each other. Glue two dots to combine and then three on the next sheet – then two, then three in succession around the shirts.

DIY triplet halloween costume

Top each honeycomb with a ribbon wire hanger by gluing it onto the front of the shirt and forming around each girls head.

DIY honeycomb costume

How to make a triplet honeycomb halloween costume

A few more of my favorite triplet Halloween costumes include these circus costumes, these adorable pool float costumes, and a stack of birthday presents! 

Enjoy a night of matching and merry trick or treating.

Photography in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography.


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