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My Favorite Framed Cities + Tie-dye Bunt Cakes


Having just moved and firmly decided to put down roots here in grand ol’ Reno, NV – I’ve been thinking a lot about the many places I’ve lived and the cities my family has loved along the way. To brighten up a corner of the new house, and to showcase all the cities we adore, I snagged some of the really pretty illustrations from my friend Kimberly at Albie Designs. I love how her colorful designs show a whimsical side to some of our favorite places.


After setting up the corner at home I was thinking how great a housewarming or going away present these prints would be. We are always looking for special ways to mark the milestones in our friend’s lives. Purchasing a city print is a special and unique way to celebrate an upcoming move. Just add a garland of confetti and miniature cakes for a send off any friend will adore.

Tie Dye Bunt Cakes

To make these colorful tie-dye bunt cakes we used food coloring to drip bright lines around the bunts, baked in copper mini-bunt pans. They’re an easy way to throw together sweets for a last minute goodbye party.



I so adore the fun details on these prints like the yellow taxi and winding Coronado Bridge. I picked out San Diego, Seattle, New York and San Fransisco for my prints. They are all cities that mean a lot to our family and grouped together they make a fun impact in our space. You can custom order any city you can dream up! Such a fun gift idea for grads, dads, and any friend. The new tagline on her site says, “City Love”, it is a perfect description of how we feel about these special places.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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