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my Mr. Handsome

Danni is running a series entitled Mr. Handsome where she interviews the husbands of bloggers. I love that she has each guy share about both the pros and cons to having a wife who blogs. Here is Matt’s interview if you’d like to read it.

PS. Photo is from our 30th birthday, read more here.


  1. Amanda Smith

    16 September

    I love this idea, these guys get far too little credit.

  2. Kristin

    16 September

    Matt has some pretty sweet specs!

  3. Gloria

    16 September

    Awww I love these series – what an honor :-) Can’t believe your husband was a professional blackjack player!

  4. Jess

    16 September

    What a great idea Danni has to interview husbands. How nice to have yours included :)

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