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my real life pinterest board

I have a confession to make. I’ve been a pinner all my life. Have you? Since a very young age I would find things I loved – photos that inspired me – and tear them out to keep. In college I had an actual pinboard I would use and as my inspiration stack grew – it found its way into a binder labeled nicely by room and themes. After we moved this summer I found my pin binder that I had been keeping and really enjoyed leafing through it.

It’s amazing how many ideas and inspirations have come and been redone over the years. I thought it would be fun to share a couple of my favorite pieces from my real life Pinterest with you – and add them to my digital Pinterest boards. Which is your favorite? Do you have any old inspiration that would find new life on Pinterest? These hot pink houndstooth curtains have been kept as inspiration since my early days of marriage.

The gorgeous magazine installation in this photo from Domino, was created using transparent paper protectors – a solution both genius and so chic.

One of my favorite projects along the way are these cork board portrait cut-outs. They are a great example of DIY that just fits a perfect niche at home.

These hanging flags were torn out of an Anthropolgie catalog a few years ago. I’ve kept them as inspiration for a project that still has not found fruition – wouldn’t it be a grand entrance to a party to have flags hanging like this on the way inside.

This might be one of my favorite vignettes ever – it’s a chair that is also a work of art – and those flowers! The entire scene makes me want to move right in.

And lastly, my dream kitchen. A tear out from Martha Stewart that has obviously been wrinkled by use. When we bought our home in Las Vegas this kitchen cut-out came with me everywhere, stashed in my purse and was the inspiration for every detail I wanted to include. It is airy, light, and just about perfect.

What about you? Do you keep a real-life Pinterest board? What’s included? I’d love to know. xoxo


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  1. My mama kept a pinboard in her studio–it was always full of Ralph Lauren advertisements and her sketches. Now whenever I pin, I think of her tearing pages out of Vogue!

  2. Nothing beats the old school approach of looking back through pages torn out because they caught your eye. Pinterest is fun, but having the pages and remembering who and where you were when you found them is so much fun!

  3. Love your collection of real life pins, Victoria. I still collect magazine pages for inspiration. Have to agree with EBK Riley, there is something special about that old school approach.

    BTW I think I have that page from Domino in the binder! ;)

  4. I love the houndstooth curtains!! I’m a lifetime pinner too and can still remember my surprise when I realized others were stealing pages from store catalogs to reinvent our own stylings of their inspiration closer to our own budgets! Grateful for inspiration from so many places these days!!

  5. I’ve been cutting magazines and compiling them into my own perfect fashion magazine for years now.

    It was necessary to distill my huge magazine collection into something manageable, but I couldn’t bring myself to throw away certain pictures. It started as images pinned to the walls, but when moving made that practice untenable, I switched to a book.

    I regret (a bit) not indicating which clothes come from with designer, or photographer, or magazine, but a lack of text also makes the book a very pure sensory experience.

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