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Fall Party Decorations You’ll Want To Buy Today

Our Fall party decorations are always up because this is the season when we love to host parties. We tend to gather often this season with friends for celebrations big and small.

Our favorite fall party decorations

Since these decorations are always up, we set aside some time to decorate in a way that is more natural and in tune with the coziness of fall. We really love how these decorations match our home decor and make people feel comfortable and at home since we have guests from all different walks.

Making an easy flag garland

Textured linens (like this gorgeous bunting above) and washed velvets are a great jumping off point to a fall gathering. We cannot wait to make our own this fall and hang them all around the house. They are super simple to make too! We use a sewing machine to sew two triangle pieces together, making sure to leave a whole for a string to go through the flag.

The cutest fall party decorations for all the gatherings

We are going to use different fall colors, and I’m sure we’ll add a splash of pink!

Our favorite fall party decorations with a natural feel

Here are a few other pretty pieces to inspire your own more natural fall gathering. We love all of the wood designs, light fabric, and greenery that help make any home look clean, comfortable, and feeling like fall.

naturally pretty fall party decorations

Favorite Fall Party Decorations

1. Stoneware Vase | This stone vase is perfect to add flowers to with beautiful fall colors. Don’t forget the greenery too– you can even dry it and keep it through all of the holidays.

2. Confetti Napkins | Not only are these great fall party decorations, they are fully functional and will look super cute sitting at the dinner table next to all of your favorite fall treats. And, don’t worry if you don’t use them all during the fall, they will still be a great addition to the rest of your holiday decor.

3. Cake Stand | We have cake at every gathering, big or small. As you may have seen, they are our most favorite dessert options. And our favorite cakes to eat in the fall are those covered in jam, like this cute cake! It will look amazing on your natural wood cake stand.

4. Burlap Stool | This stool is perfect in any room in the house and the burlap gives a super natural feel. It is perfect for all of the seasons, but especially the fall.

5. Thunder Strobe Lights | The silver coloring on these bulbs is really natural and they are the perfect way to get that extra light in the room even when it starts getting darker, earlier.

6. Rosemary Topiary | Don’t forget the greenery because it adds the perfect touch to each and every room in the house. We like to add herb plants to our house for full functionality and they match the decor perfectly.

7. Wooden Coasters | These coasters will match all of your fall decor and they will look great sitting in your living room on the coffee table.

8. Handled Serving Bowl | We cannot wait to use this serving bowl! We will be putting our favorite fall salads in this bowl for the rest of the year.

moose fire starters fall party decorations

And who could resist a collection of moose candles to get the fire going! These fall party decorations are so fun… Who else is ready for this season to be enjoyed?


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