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Neutral Party Prep

Lately, we have been prepping for the twins fourth birthday! I cannot believe I am even writing that. It is important to us that the twins share a birthday party – as they share a bedroom, friends, and most things these days. Designing a neutral party has been tough, especially when one child is dreaming of princesses and the other one, not so much.

I found this party inspiration by Susanna Vento – it is exactly what I am shooting for. Gorgeous, whimsical, and perfect for the both of them. Have you ever thrown a party for both sexes at once? Any tips you learned along the way? I’d love to know.

  1. Yelle

    11 November

    Love the confetti garland!

  2. Leah

    11 November

    We had a joint birthday once. As I recall, terrible (and medicated) morning sickness caused us to miss a daughter’s party birthday opportunity. So we combined it with her older brother about a month later. Her’s late, his early. They loved the Charlie and Lola books and tv series and their relationship did remind us of the sibling pair so it seemed very fitting. They both liked it (but they were young enough to as well 2 & 4). I tapped into the bugs and beetles theme in the logo which worked. I’m now left wondering about how to combine that same sons birthday with yet another sibling (a boy) born 6 years and 10 days later if we ever take that up as an option!

    • Victoria

      11 November

      Leah, I love the idea of basing the party around a beloved book. There are so many great books that would work perfect for both boys and girls together:) Thanks!

  3. Conchi

    11 November

    There are many party themes that are perfect for girls and boys:
    superheros, pirates, knights and princess, rock party…
    But the idea of prepare everything in relation to a book is the perfect one.

    Look this party of the very hungry carterpillar. It is soooo good:

    (It is in Spanish, but google translator helps)

  4. It is really a good neutral party idea for the twins. I love it. If I have children, I will consider it.
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  5. kristen

    13 November

    I have boy girl twins also and we like to share birthdays too. We have done a pink and blue party, a noah’s ark party and a goldfish party. It is just so neat to have someone to share everything with and be linked to. I just love it. We love the paper bag princess book and have thought about doing a princess and dragon party too. Just a few ideas! can’t wait to see what you think of! You are so talented.

  6. kristen

    13 November

    oh and a bike party- that was a hit! you can do any colors you want, too!

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