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noise maker seating cards

Making seating cards that guests find fun is easily done by re-purposing store bought noise makers. This project is simple and elegant for Β a wedding and would be great fun done with deeper colors for a dinner party, or in brights for the kids.

Any reason to be merry is really a reason to make noise after all, and placed on individual plates (or an escort table), they will beckon your party guests to have fun and get celebrating.

Make the noise makers by first taking apart a store bought one; youwill use all the different pieces. Take the paper cone and roll it out as a template for your sheer paper. Keep the plastic noise maker part to be re-used. Once all the sheer cones are made, insert them back into the noise maker end. Print out table numbers – or print out just your guests names if these are going on plates – cut and insert them inside the noise makers.

Photography done in collaboration with Pictilio for A Subtle Revelry.

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