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origami candy pops

I made these origami candy pinwheels for a party last year. They have been one of my most asked about food items, so I thought it would be fun to do a quick DIY. The candy pops are super easy to make and you can design the candy into any shape you might like. Initials for a wedding, hearts for an anniversary, or numbers for a child’s birthday would all be festive variations to the project.

To make the origami shapes use a soft candy, Starburst or taffy both work great. Shaping the pieces will be much easier if you let the candy soften by sitting for a couple hours. Unwrap each piece and use your fingers to flatten them into a square. Use a sharp knife to serrate the corners for good folding.

For the pinwheels; fold each corner over and press into the middle of the piece. Then fasten a small lollipop stick onto the back of the softened candy firmly. You could also use a dab of frosting to secure the stick if needed. Have fun thinking up shapes and uses for this scrumptiously easy treat.

PS. More pinwheel party projects.

  1. This is so clever! Will definitely do it!

  2. Emily

    6 July

    Genius, as usual!


  3. These are so brilliant and so adorable!

  4. Lena

    6 July

    These are so clever!

  5. Those are so cool!

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