jingle chime garland

Holiday Jingle Garland

You guys… We turned on the Christmas music this weekend! I just couldn’t wait any longer :) The season is coming and, although I still have a few Thanksgiving goodies to share, I am definitely ready to get a jump on our holiday decorating and ideas. I’ve decided this year that having a select few decorations out before Thanksgiving  (as long as they are not too holiday and more festive and fun) will actually blend well with our fall table plans.

Here is one of the first things going up in our house: beaded jingle chime garland. It’s fabulous for hanging on a door knob, around the house draping from a chair, etc. The bells really jingle and the colorful beads make it ready to fit in for any celebration this season.

Jungle Chim Garland

Jingle Chim Garland

To make the garland we used a thin white string, this bag of beads, these jingle bells, washi tape, and a package of Dixie cups.

I was inspired for this project by a door hanger in this great new book. To make it start by covering the Dixie cups with a fun selection of Washi tape. The colors and designs available can instantly make this project fit into any home.

Once the cups are covered – begin stringing the beads, cups and jingles together until the garland is the style and size you like.

Jingle Bell Garland

jingle garland

I love the idea of having a couple garlands and more holiday seasoned elements out at Thanksgiving – to make it special and bright! Who else is ready to get festive already!?!

(Photography © A Subtle Revelry by Jocelyn Noel)

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why don’t we… party with fringe and fizzy drinks

Bright fringe banner

It’s about time to start thinking about all the holiday parties we have coming up. Tinsel, fringe and fizzy drinks are my plan for conquering this weekend and the crazy, amazing season ahead. The combination of colorful fringe and a few favorite words will solve any party decoration needs. We have feasts, multiple birthdays, a family reunion, and Christmas coming up – this festive combo will get me through it all.

With so much to celebrate this time of year, I’ve noticed having a few standard go-tos like this can really help me keep my sanity. I love this fringe garland because I can keep up all year long and just change the words out as needed for each event. Having a stand by drink allows me to be ready for any party… any time. I teamed up with Glam today to bring you this fun party garland and fizzy party drink – the best combo for whatever is being celebrated this holiday season!

Bright fringe garland banner

Bright fringe garland

bright holiday fringe garland

To make the tinsel and text garland, you will need wrapping tissue paper in your favorite celebratory colors (mine is pink of course!) and garland letters. Most party stores sell these for under 25 cents per letter.

Fold the tissue paper in fourths and cut along one side about 80% up to the crease. Open the tissue up and glue a string at the crease to create a layer of garland fringe. This banner has three lengths of tissue strung side by side.

Repeat the steps with different colors making the full fringe garland. I suggest adding in a metallic just to make it shine. The best thing about this garland is that it can be made as long or thick as you like! Add in text strung on top of the garland. Change it out as needed. One project that will definitely take you all the way through the party season from Happy Birthdays to New Years Eve.

Tinself drink markers - fun for the holidays!

You might have seen that I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago filming a festive and rustic holiday party for Bud Light Lime Cran-Brrr-Ritas. You can see the whole video with some easy and fun party tricks right here. This drink is another festive trick for getting easily through the party season. It has a sweet and bubbly taste that is fabulous for any party this time of year.

Pour a can of it over ice and top with a festive glass marker. For someone who doesn’t want to be standing behind the party bar all night, this fizzy drink in a can (all I have to do is pour:) is a great way to serve my guests something special.

bright holiday party garland

Tinsel and sticker drink toppers for holiday drinks (click through for the how-to)

To make the drink markers, snip off piece of tinsel and glue it to a small clothes pin. A little text sticker on top and your guests will easily be able to find their tasty drink all night long.

cran-brrrThe awesome flavors of Bud Light Lime Ritas are so incredibly delicious that wherever they go, a party happens! For more Fiesta Inspiration, visit https://www.facebook.com/budlightlimeritas!

Compensation for this post provided by Anheuser Busch. The opinions are all mine and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Anheuser Busch. Cheers to drinking responsibly and thanks for supporting our holiday sponsors!

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raw fruit layer cake

Raw fruit layer cake

Tis’ the season for pies, cakes and sweets! Sometimes the insanity of all the goodies we eat over the next 6 weeks starts to add up. So why not serve up something healthy for a change!?! This fruit cake looks amazing and is an awesome option for a more healthy dessert. This vegan, raw, gluten free, should be edible by all your guests cake is a great reminder that we don’t have to sacrifice celebrating, or gorgeous looking desserts, just to be healthy. Hooray for that!

Whip up this cake and even the most discerning palettes will have to agree on its crazy good flavor.

Raw fruit layer cake

Raw fruit layer cake

To make the awesome (and totally healthy) cake you will need the following for the crust: 1 cup hazelnuts, 1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes, 1/2 cup pitted dates, 1 Tbsp coconut oil, pinch of salt, and 1 tsp Vanilla Extract.

For the filling you will need: 2 cup soaked cashews, 8 tbsp agave, 1 1/2 cup creamed coconut, juice from 1 lemon, 3 cups berries (plus more for topping). This cake used raspberries, blueberries, passion fruit and goji berries.

Start by making the crust. Add the hazelnuts and coconut flakes into a food processor and process until well combined, add in the rest of the ingredients and process until you can form a smooth ball. Remove and lay the mixture out in a spring form pan.  

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paper bag party lanterns

Paper bag party lanterns

With the nights getting darker this last week I’ve been wanting to bring more shine and brightness to our evenings. These colorful paper bag party lanterns that I created in partnership with Elmer’s will bring it. Big time!

They are an easy craft to do with the kids during that too early for bed, but too dark to play outside time that we are all trying to fill these days. Whether you use the lanterns to line the driveway showing guests the way in, or lining your mantel for an indoor glimmer, they will bring a helping of graphic whimsy to your house and parties this season.

Paper bag party lanterns

Paper bag jewel lantern

Paper bag party lanterns

The lanterns can be topped with basically any design or decal you choose. My kids are very into gems these days so making a few bright and graphic gems was a hit. I’m also super in love with the light bulb lantern, ohhh… and the hearts! Making these obviously got addicting real quick:).

Paper Bag Party Lanterns

To make the paper bag party lanterns you will need white paper bags (find these in the lunch bag section at Target, or at a craft store), thick gauge floral wire, a small hole punch, glue, thick card stock paper for the decals, Elmer’s Painters Neon Brights, Elmer’s Painters Super Tip Black, and flameless candles.

DIY paper jewel decals

Start by designing your decals. Have the kids help if they are old enough. For the graphic bag decals we started by outlining the shapes, cutting them out and filling in the color and lines with our painters. The Painters were a great option for the kids because they come through thicker than a normal marker (more like paint) making it easier for them to color in the shapes. And for my sanity, they are much easier to clean up than paint.

Once the color was completed, I went back over the shapes with a ruler and the thick black painter to add graphic detail. Some of the shapes had a second layer of card stock attached to add dimension to the design. There is no “right” way to make these, just as long as they are colorful the lanterns will look great.

DIY party lantern

Next, take the white paper bags and fold over the top about 4 inches. Use a small hole punch to make slots on both sides of the lanterns for the floral wire to run through. Cut the floral wire to size and bend over and into the holes to form a handle on the lanterns.

DIY party lanterns

Lastly attach the decals with glue on the front side. Although we used real flickering candles to try these out, they will be much safer with flameless candles or the small battery white Christmas tapers that are out this time of year.

Paper party lantern

Paper bag party lantern

When lit up the lanterns have a gorgeous glow, and the colorful decals are made even brighter by the flames. The paper bag party lanterns are a great way to make a festive statement this season, to get the kids crafting with you, and to keep the house shining all season long.

Painters® Paint Markers are as fresh and fun as the projects they create! These colorful opaque acrylic paint markers are perfect for decorating, drawing and personalizing almost any surface. Available in a variety of colors & tips, they are fast drying, permanent, streak-free, non-toxic & acid free. Express Yourself™! Follow Elmer’s on Instagram & Pinterest.

Compensation was provided for this post by Elmer’s – a brand I use daily! The opinions expressed are all mine and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Elmer’s. Thanks for supporting our crafty sponsors.

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colorful party garland and paper trees

Printable party garland

Nothing beats a festive strand of party bunting. No matter what the holiday is… colorful bunting is always the right answer!

Bunting, combined with a simple scene of white tress and peppermint striped straws, makes for a holiday centerpiece reminiscent of the north pole. This little set up will bring a festive touch to your house this season. Make the winter scene to center a table, place on a mantel, or to top a cake! (just switch out the foam board for a cake:)

I found a new trick for making crazy easy party bunting. It’s an awesome party hack for all the celebrations coming our way soon. I’ve partnered with Avery today to share this bunting printable and the easy trick to use their labels to make the entire process a piece of cake.

Printable party garland

How to make printable party garland.

To make the winter forest scene you’ll need one package of full page labels, a package of white shipping labels, an x-acto knife, red and white striped straws, kitchen skewers, tape, string, a foam core board, and our printable miniature bunting template.  

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printable doggie bags

DIY doggie bags

Feasting season is upon us and with it my desire for easy comfort meals that can serve a crowd. Whether I am dishing up dinner for a huge holiday gathering or serving up a small weeknight group of friends – finding quick ways to please the crowd is at the top of my priority list. Second only to sending them home with yummy and pretty packages of food. I know everyone is slammed this time of year, so I am happy to partner with Marie Callender’s to share the joy of having a nice meal and leftovers to boot! You just can’t beat that.

I created these bright doggie bags to encourage the feasting of leftovers. They are a fun addition to a holiday feast, or great for any night you want the comfort of your meal to last.

DIY printable doggie bags (print these with an inkjet printer!)

Easy to make pot pies - perfect for a crowd!

Pot pies and doggie bags

Printable paper doggie bags

To make the bright doggie bags download our four doggie bag templates right here. You can print directly onto the bags using an inkjet printer. Just feed the paper bag through the printer on the highest quality setting (the fabric bag must be first taped onto a piece of white computer paper, like this). Your guests will be thrilled to stash these baggies away for another busy day.  

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paper trees advent countdown

Paper Trees Advent Calendar

Can you believe it is time to start thinking about advent already!?! In just a couple weeks the season will begin and the countdown will be on. These festive tree boxes are a fun way to hide a collection of toys and treats for counting down the days.

The graphic tree boxes would also make great favors for a holiday party, and simple wrapping ideas for small presents to be gifted. Although, a collection of the tress together for counting down advent is a fantastic way to make a whimsical fairytale forest show up at home this holiday season.

Paper Trees Advent Calendar

Paper Trees Advent Calendar

Paper Trees Advent Countdown

To make the paper tree advent calendar you’ll need; various shades of green paper – with a little yellow and metallic thrown in for good measure, a collection of small Kraft boxes, scissors, an exacto knife, festive ribbon, and treats to fill the boxes with.

Start by drawing and cutting out your trees. We found the more exaggerative and imaginative the better! The trees definitely do not need to be perfect, in fact having the kids help with this step could make the project extra fun. Aim for the trees to be a little larger than your boxes and every tree to be just a smidge different.

Once the trees are cut, use an exacto knife to put 2 slits in the sides of the trees for the ribbon to run through.

Paper Trees Advent Calendar

Fill the boxes with small toys and treats for the kids. Make a countdown calendar for grown-ups by filling the boxes with coffee cards, and rich dark chocolates. Once the boxes are filled run the ribbon through the sides of each tree and secure to the bottom of the boxes with tape.

Paper Trees Advent Calendar

Paper Trees Advent Countdown

Stack the boxes, or set them on a mantel/table standing up for a festive holiday display that everyone will be excited to open. An optional addition is to put numbers on each of the boxes, although I prefer a pick one you love everyday style. The countdown will come with how many of the festive trees are left standing in the forest.

I had fun looking for simple sweets like candy dots and a collection of toys that could be broken up, like these puppets to fill our advent calendar with this year. What are your favorite toys and treats to countdown the season with?

PS. This advent calendar can be sent in the mail – so great for grandparents counting down a visit!

(Photography © A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland)

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why don’t we… say thanks

Thank you text pumpkins

November is a great time of year to stop and say thanks. In the past I’ve dropped off flowers or soup to say a sweet thank you to important people in my life. This year I am going to use pumpkins! We have a pretty large collection of pumpkins left over from Halloween that need to be festively re-purposed.

To make these thankful pumpkins. You’ll need spray paint, a metallic pen, and pumpkins (check the clearance sections if you don’t have any left over). Spray paint the pumpkins with a pretty metallic color on top, spray a bold fall color on the bottom, and use a metallic pen to write in words of thanks after the paint has dried.

Deliver to the doors of your dearest friends with a kind note of thanks. It’s a great use for the left over pumpkins and will make everyone feel amazing this weekend. Create a similar look with mini pumpkins for fall party favors, or write in guests names for easy Thanksgiving seating cards.

While we get to delivering, here are a few other nice ways to say thanks…

Write it out on a pie crust | Thanks for popping by with popcorn! | Thank you paper baggies to bring to school or the office | Thanks for coming apple roasting favors | A bouquet of cinnamon rolls is always a great idea | Mini pumpkin thank yous | And adorable donut thank you tags.

I wish I could drop one of these pumpkins off on each of your door steps this weekend. Thanks for hanging out here with me this fall & happy weekend! xoxo

(Photography © Beatrix Boros/Stocksy United)

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