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Travel hacks – magic candy boosters

When traveling with our kids – let’s be honest, when doing anything with them that is not EXACTLY what they want to do – they can sometimes melt down; usually at the most inopportune times. We are home this week between two summer vacations and I’ve noticed how quickly our trips that include walking and exploring […]

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let’s host an american flag party

This time of year I’m starting to see flags popping up everywhere! Memorial Day is just a couple weeks away. Wouldn’t it be fun to host an American Flag party? The idea is simple, bold and an easy one to pull off for Memorial Day, the Fourth of July… really any summer BBQ. I did […]

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party hack 01 | photo in a bottle

Happy Friday! Excited to announce a new mini-series for this fall – party hacks. Each Friday I plan to share a little this or that to encourage weekend celebrating. Each hack will be simple and easy enough to do during your lunch hour (or nap-time) before the guests arrive. Taking an empty bottle and placing […]

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why don’t we… light candles in cupcake trays

There’s something about this time of year that makes me gravitate towards easy tips and tricks. My good friend Brenda recently shared this idea of putting tea lights in cupcake trays to act as candle holders for the table. Such a simple idea and one I immediately needed to replicate with the holidays knocking at […]

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my office: pinboard lights and glasses

One of my favorite rooms in our home is the front room. It has gorgeous bright light, and I purposely placed a huge table right in the center of the room. It’s become my working office. The studio downstairs has been great for crafting, shooting, and staging – but I prefer this light filled room […]

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