12 creative advent calendars

12 Creative Advent Calendars

You guys… I bought a black Christmas tree for a holiday shoot we had yesterday! It is my absolute new favorite decoration. I’ve seen white trees around, and even a few cute pink ones, but I really can’t wait to show you my new black tree. It’s so pretty! While I play Christmas music early this weekend and continue to get in the mood here is a collection of 12 really creative advent calendars to inspire us all for the season.

Advent starts December 1st! Did you see our festive pyramid Advent calendar this week? It’s the first of our Advent posts, more coming soon.

The above photo box advent would be a great way to give treats and display family photos during the season. I love the sentimentality it brings, find it at Zoe De Las Cases.

25 Creative Advent Calendars | Bright pink inspiration by DaWanda

Such a festive concept behind this advent calendar that Dawanda makes. It would be easy to recreate at home with a collection of white boxes and simple bright stickers to make the entire family giddy.  

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turkey tinfoil and lightened-up pumpkin pie

How to make a turkey with tin foil. Fun way to present Thanksgiving leftovers!

Looking for a quick way to make your guests smile this Thanksgiving? Turkey tinfoil to-go bags will do the trick! They are really easy to make and will turn leftovers into a fun present to take home.

Turkey tin foil to go bag

Here’s how to make the turkey tinfoil to-go bags: Place your leftovers in the middle of a piece of tinfoil and fold over the top on both sides. Pinch one end of the tinfoil and shape up to form the beak – then pinch in the other end and fan the tinfoil out and make a few cuts down to mimic turkey feathers. Stick pretty feathers in the bottom and present to your guests with a smile.  

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the easiest letter garland

The Easiest Letter Garland

The Easiest Letter Garland

Thanksgiving is quickly coming and with it, many things to be thankful for. Sometimes, communicating what we are thankful for deserves more than just a few words after dinner. That’s why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday to display lettered garland as pretty decor and to help impart words of thanks to our celebration. A wall of bright colored words, pretty straws, and a few pumpkins will make your entire room feel festive.

And since Thanksgiving is such a time intensive cooking holiday – I need decor that is easy to make. Enter in, the easiest letter garland ever! This bright garland is so simple to make that you’ll have it done and up before the bird is even out of the oven.  

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printable pyramid advent calendar

printable pyramid box advent calendar | A Subtle Revelry

printable pyramid box advent calendar | A Subtle Revelry

Advent is starting in just over two weeks! Can you believe it? Every year our family works hard to celebrate in simple ways together and advent calendars are an easy way to stop and celebrate the holiday season every day. This kids love them for obvious reasons, and although our advent calendars take different shapes each year (balloons, folded notes and mailable photos are a few favorites), they always give us a special few moments each day leading up to Christmas.

This year’s version will be simple, festive, and fun. These pyramid boxes offer a perfect little hiding spot for candy, small toys, or strips of paper with family activities to be shared (here are 50 favorite holiday activities).

printable pyramid box advent calendar | A Subtle Revelry

To make the pyramid box advent calendar you’ll need our printable pyramid template (download it right here), a selection of scrapbook paper, and lots of little doodads for decorating. Raid your craft closet, your kid’s art supplies and pick up a couple bags of pom pom balls from the store.  

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{is there really anything better than a pie and a cake}

how to make a pie cake

Bake a pie in a cake! Simple, amazing recipe at A Subtle Revelry

Okay… okay… I know that this time of year pies tend to own the market. But can I be honest – I prefer a cake over a pie ANYDAY! I am crazy, I know. Lucky for me this year, we don’t have to choose. I wanted the best of both worlds and was so pleased this crazy idea of baking a pie inside a cake actually worked! Move over pinata cake, I give you my new favorite thing to stuff a cake with – a pie. A piecake, a cakepie. An awesome Thanksgiving we will have!

Bake a pie in a cake! Simple, amazing recipe at A Subtle Revelry

Bake a pie in a cake! Simple, amazing recipe at A Subtle Revelry

See that pretty cake up there? That amazing cherry pie is baked inside! Talk about surprising your guests with something amazing. They’ll start calling you the queen of cakes. Or maybe that’s just in my dreams…

Bake a pie in a cake! Simple, amazing recipe at A Subtle Revelry

To make this pie cake you will need: ready-made single pie crust (either box mix or refrigerated, but not shell) or homemade pie crust, 1 box of cake mix (or ingredients for your favorite recipe), 1 container of frosting (we used vanilla), 1 can of cherry pie filling/topping, 6×3 cake pan, and a 4″ mini pie pan.  

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{because pretty turkey feathers do exist}

fancy turkey stir sticks

fancy turkey stirs | A Subtle Revelry

I’ve never been a huge fan of the traditional Thanksgiving decor. Too much brown and not enough flair for my taste. Then I got to thinking – why do we always feel stuck with the same old ideas? We seem to reinterpret everything else these days, why not make turkey feathers pink, and fluffy, and downright gorgeous!?! At least hat’s the idea behind these fancy turkey drink stirs. Mix up holiday drinks with turkeys that are far from traditional, yet festive enough to be part of the party.  

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