10 ways to spell love

Love… love… love! Roses and candy are one way to share your feelings, but why not get a little creative this year? Use these ten love-ly inspirations to spell your favorite word – even at the last minute. Chances are, you have the materials for at least one of these DIYs lying around your home, now get started already!

10 Ways Spell Love

1. flower petals - penelope & pip | 2. conversation hearts - a subtle revelry | 3. felt note - say yes | 4. giant gold sequins - pop cosmo | 5. ombre sparkles - lia griffith | 6. painted clay - ehow crafts | 7. chalkboard vases - a subtle revelry | 8. glitter banner - lovely indeed | 9. washi tape - traveling mama | 10. string art - que linda

PS. How to say love in another language.

Graphic done in collaboration with Lindsey Campbell.

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floral cup wraps

Printable Floral Cup Holders

It’s that time of year when everything is romantically sweet (Valentine’s Day is 48 hours days away!) and I find myself twiddling my thumbs in anticipation of spring. You can give me smooches and candy hearts, but nothing is more romantic than fresh flowers blooming and a warm sun above. I am ready for spring!

To channel these spring notions we made pretty cups covered in florals. They’re great for brightening up the office with something besides roses on Friday, and perfect for parties and coffee dates this spring. We are so close!!!

Printable Floral Cup Holders

Printable Floral Cup Holders

The cup wraps disguise insulated cups with pretty white florals and pastel ombre that make for a romantically festive drink. They work great for keeping drinks extra toasty on a chilly day. The design is sized for standard 12 oz. insulated party cups that are available in most stores. Easy, peasy, spring in a cup!  

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#wagonspotting with volvo


For the better part of the last 5 years I’ve driven a wagon, and I will always drive one. Driving a wagon matches my lifestyle perfectly. I am so excited to be partnering with Volvo to introduce you to their new Sportswagon as a part of their #wagonspotting campaign.

When the twins were babies, we went in search of a new car that would be big enough to fit my double stroller, but not too massive for me to easily reach the babies, pull out their car seats, and stash away any other items I may find on my way. We settled on a Sportswagon because it had all the features I was looking for, the price point was great, and I wasn’t going to have to guzzle gas driving my babies around town. Little did I know the car would become my dream car.

And although I may have been a couple years before my time, now… The wagon is back. Don’t you love it when something you love comes back as cool again! Although our roads are still filled with lots of SUV’s, I’ve been rocking our Sportswagon with twins, stroller, craft supplies, and groceries – all more comfortably packed inside. My car handles even my biggest loads with ease and maneuvers the streets way better than a truck would.  

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sugar glitter layer cake

Sugar Glitter Cake

I’ve always loved the look of glitter on a cake, but purchasing edible glitter always seems a bit above my crafting pay grade. As a result, I started dreaming about making my own. It’s really simple to make, and the glitter can be tinted to any color imaginable. I am so in love with this cake! The gorgeous texture and pretty details make it great treat for showers, birthdays, and parties this coming spring. Shimmer, shine, eat… repeat!

Sugar Glitter Cake

DIY Sugar Glitter

To make the sugar glitter layer cake you will need – your favorite cake mix in any flavor (here’s my favorite), 1 can of frosting, white sparkling sugar (8 oz), and Pearl Dust in the colors you want (they come in 0.05oz vials).   

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12 bouquets that will not wilt

A colorful bouquet is the perfect icing to make any room party ready. While I’m stocking up on fresh flowers to make our snowy weekend feel special, it can be sad to say goodbye when their time is up. I prefer flowers that stay fresh forever! Loving the idea of blooms made to last – especially when I don’t need to change their water. Here are 12 bouquets that will keep bright and festive all winter long.

12 Bouquets that Will Not Wilt

1. pom poms - camille styles | 2. pajaki chandelier - a beautiful mess | 3. silk flowers – wedding chicks | 4. paper lilies – the elli blog | 5. plaster flowers - a subtle revelry | 6. crepe paper - the bride’s cafe | 7. painted newspaper – instructables | 8. party poppers - a subtle revelry | 9. fabric roses - scout mob | 10. butcher paper - her library adventures | 11. tissue paper garland - a subtle revelry | 12. crepe and watercolor – craftberry bush

Graphic by Lindsey Campbell for A Subtle Revelry.

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plastic spoon olympic wreaths

Plastic Spoon Laurel Wreaths

Along with the rest of the world, we are thrilled to be watching the Olympics this week. With games starting today and the opening ceremony tomorrow the kids have been dying to have a little Olympic revelry of our own.

Inspired by this pretty white wreath, we decided to try our hand at crafting with plastic spoons and made these vibrant and fun laurel wreaths. A great activity the whole family can get involved with while watching your favorite sports (ours is so obviously the bobsled). Go team USA!

Plastic Spoon Laurel Wreaths

Plastic Spoon Laurel Wreaths

The process to make the wreaths is crazy simple. Purchase a bag of plastic party spoons, these wreaths took about 24 spoons each. Glue the back of one spoon bowl to the handle underneath. It helps the form to also glue the end of the under handle up, that’s what give the wreath such a pretty curve.  

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