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graphic map details

Maps are incredibly versatile, they provide easy ways to personalize your party decor. Decoupage votives or napkin wraps and put a meaningful map location at each place setting. Guests will enjoy trying to figure out which place is theirs! Maps are also great for creating drink service trays. Purchase a wooden tray from the craft […]

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veneer wooden chain

I love the look of party decor made from natural materials. These wood chains are easy to make and compliment any color palette you might choose! To make the chains, cut veneer edging into uniform strips. You can play around  with different sizes, but I would stay between 6 and 10 inches long. Dab Gorilla […]

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wooden and gold candles

I love the graphic touch these candle bring into a room. They are easy to make and will quickly help not just the warmth, but also the romance in your home. A perfect use for old candles you might have stored away! Don’t you think a package of four small ones would make the perfect […]

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how to throw a party

The How To Project has quickly become one of my favorite places to find tongue and cheek graphic art. The studio works with both graphic and text to create fun and whimsical posters about everyday life activities (like how to tie a tie). They’ve designed a special party set that includes an original how to […]

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party in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a town brimming with history and engaged in a thriving creative community. Host to the Altitude Design Summit, many bloggers and design enthusiasts recently traveled to this mountain west mecca and experienced a touch of the city’s classic charm. It’s a great town to throw a party in! I love the […]

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