why don’t we… say thanks

Thank you text pumpkins

November is a great time of year to stop and say thanks. In the past I’ve dropped off flowers or soup to say a sweet thank you to important people in my life. This year I am going to use pumpkins! We have a pretty large collection of pumpkins left over from Halloween that need to be festively re-purposed.

To make these thankful pumpkins. You’ll need spray paint, a metallic pen, and pumpkins (check the clearance sections if you don’t have any left over). Spray paint the pumpkins with a pretty metallic color on top, spray a bold fall color on the bottom, and use a metallic pen to write in words of thanks after the paint has dried.

Deliver to the doors of your dearest friends with a kind note of thanks. It’s a great use for the left over pumpkins and will make everyone feel amazing this weekend. Create a similar look with mini pumpkins for fall party favors, or write in guests names for easy Thanksgiving seating cards.

While we get to delivering, here are a few other nice ways to say thanks…

Write it out on a pie crust | Thanks for popping by with popcorn! | Thank you paper baggies to bring to school or the office | Thanks for coming apple roasting favors | A bouquet of cinnamon rolls is always a great idea | Mini pumpkin thank yous | And adorable donut thank you tags.

I wish I could drop one of these pumpkins off on each of your door steps this weekend. Thanks for hanging out here with me this fall & happy weekend! xoxo

(Photography © Beatrix Boros/Stocksy United)

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my sanity saving mirror trick


It’s about this time of year that my life turns nutty! Between crazy holiday blog shoots, video spots, and the never ending parties that are associated with this next month, I find it super easy to get behind on important things like working out and doing my laundry. When that happens, I inevitably get down on myself. But this year, it is going to be different!!!

I’ll let you in on my simple plan to keep sane and happy no matter what my schedule sends to me. It involves an easy laundry plan, and a new mirror that sends only good vibes my way.



A talking mirror! I saw this idea for the first time years ago at my favorite restaurant and immediately thought – genius! Writing text on any mirror in my house is a simple way to update the space for whatever I might be celebrating, like birthdays or Christmas. Today it’s going to celebrate me! :)


I found a simple mirror at a thrift store to use for this project and decided first to paint it, adding a bit of color and whimsy to my laundry space. Festive laundry decor is always a good idea.



Next I grabbed a sharpie and got to writing! The mirror can be moved throughout the house, but I like it best in my laundry room where it can speak words of encouragement to me daily.

When I want to switch up the writing, a dab of rubbing alcohol takes the text right off and on I go to the next bout of encouragement. Because we can all use a little more self-kindness in our lives this time of year.



My talking mirror, although I realize it sounds kind of silly, has done a world of good for me. It’s just the littlest details sometimes that can take us from feeling like everything is ruined, to realizing life may be crazy, but it’s not so bad. And heck—I’m pretty amazing for juggling it all.

After all, planning the holiday posts for this blog, crafting for hours, jumping on that conference call, making a quick stop to buy Tide Pods at Target along with that Sharpie, and still making it to the photo shoot on time… That kind of hustle should definitely be celebrated.


The small mirror update has really made me more excited about doing my laundry, and Tide Pods has also helped immensely. They are so easy to use; I just toss one in and my laundry is basically doing itself, which is helpful during this nutty season of life.

So here’s to making our laundry easy in the midst of our crazy lives, and to reminding ourselves how seriously awesome we all are! Write it on a mirror today – you will be so happy you did.

Sponsored by Tide.

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face decal party balloons

Put your face on a party balloon! (Click through for the tutorial)

Who remembers these family photo face eggs? They were one of my favorite projects ever. Putting our faces on inanimate objects is just too much fun. So obviously… balloons are next!!!

Face decal party balloons

Fec decal party balloons

About this time of year, there is a push to get our family photos done for the Christmas cards. When trying to think of new and original ideas, the thought to put our faces on balloons was all too compelling.

The concept will also work awesomely for birthday parties, anniversaries, even for making seating cards at a Thanksgiving feast. Could you imagine doing a progression through the years for an anniversary or milestone birthday party!?!

I’m not actually sure when putting a familiar face on a balloon would not be the right thing to do… Because, it’s awesome. Because, it’s easy. Gah. I’m obsessed.

How to decal a photo onto a balloon!

To create the face decal balloons, you’ll need an inkjet printer, white tissue, tape, Mod Podge, and white balloons.

Start by taping the tissue to a piece of white computer paper, tape all the way around the tissue to ensure it doesn’t get caught while printing. Then print out the face you want to decal with your inkjet printer (PLEASE don’t attempt this in your nice laser print and then send me hate mail!) it must be an inkjet, this whole printing on tissue idea only works on inkjet printers.

While making these tissue decal candles, I mentioned how I actually buy inkjet printers just for crafting. You can find them for about $15 at your local big box store. Projects like this make them so worth it!

Put your face on a party balloon! (Click through for tutorial)

Once the photo is printed, cut around the face getting as close as you can and removing the bottom tissue layer. Then take a balloon and carefully using Mod Podge attach the photo to the balloon. The tissue blends seamlessly with the white balloons, just like it did with the eggs. You are left with a decal imprint of the face on the balloon. A balloon face!

Our holiday card recipients and party guests will definitely thank us. Now to find an embarrassing selfie of everyone to use for their Thanksgiving chairs – it’s going to be hilarious!

(Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry).

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painted feather cake

Painted Feather Cake

Feathers are such a fun way to make anything seem crafty and homespun. In a season when there is way too much cooking and prepping to be done – a simple solution like surrounding a cake with pretty painted feathers makes for an awesome party statement that takes very little effort to create. A stellar solution for adorning your Thanksgiving dessert table in a festive party style.

pretty painted feathers

Painted feather garland

To get this look – start by painting your feathers. Faux feathers can be found at craft stores this time of year, and they present a much safer option than real feathers! Paint a variation of bright bold colors, textures, stripes, even polka dots (my favorite!) to give the feathers a festive dose of color. Hang to dry.

Painted feather garland

Painted feather lined cake (click through for the tutorial).

Painted feather lined cake

Painted feather lined cake

Use a basic cake recipe (here is my favorite party cake for fall) or purchase a cake pre-made. Top the white frosting with dashes of cinnamon to add texture and some spicy fall flavor to the cake.

Starting at one side of the cake begin gently placing the feathers around the cake. Cut some of the feathers down to add variation to the sizing, giving the design a more whimsical look. There is no real science to this, just layer the feathers around the cake and gently push into the frosting to secure.

Painted faux feathers for pretty fall decor

Painted feather garland

String up any extra feathers to create a fall worthy party garland that will transform any wall into a beautiful backdrop for feasting.

Painted feather lined cake

Now with a gorgeous dessert checked off the list, who wants to bring the potatoes?:)

More Thanksgiving party ideas right here.

(Photography by Erin Holland for A Subtle Revelry).

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vintage ornament wrapping

Vintage Ornament Christmas Wrapping

Happy November! I am really excited about this coming couple months. Turkeys, pies, trees… bliss! I love the holidays and am thrilled to be jumping into a season of festive fun with you.

Here’s a quick idea that I wanted to share in enough time for collecting. A few years ago, I became enamored with vintage ornaments – they have such a funky nostalgic look. The ornaments are awesome for decorating trees and make even better wrapping details. If you start searching out the ornaments at thrift stores or online now, there is a great chance you can have a nice collection by December 1st.

Use vintage ornaments for fun holiday wrapping.

A collection of vintage ornaments

Use vintage ornaments for festive holiday wrapping.

There’s nothing new that can beat a collection of these hanging treasures. Pair the ornaments with graphic holiday wrapping for the perfect way to top a present come gift giving season.

(Photography © Natalie Jeffcott/Stocksy United)

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why don’t we… collect pretty leaves

Painted leaves

Happy Halloween friends! Besides collecting loads of candy this weekend we will also be out collecting leaves. They are changing and so seriously pretty this time of year. Collecting leaves and crafting with them is a great way to fill the rest of the weekend, and an awesome distraction from that gigantic bowl of treats, right there… come Saturday morning.

Birch Leaves

If you don’t live in a place where leaves are plentiful – you can craft your own! These bright threaded birch leaves I created for Darby Smart add a festive fall detail inside or out. Grab the printable leaf designright here, along with the birch veneer to make a gorgeous leaf statement this fall.

While we get collecting, here are a few other crafty ideas for your leaves:

A gorgeous tree filled with painted leaves | Photo leaves | Paper leaf garland | Leaf confetti | Typography leaves | Waxed leaves that will stay all season long | Leaf stamped banner | I’m dying to eat more of these chocolate leaves | Leaf bowls | And if all else fails, buy a leaf balloon!

Have a happy Halloween weekend friends. xoxo

(Top photo by Josh Reames)

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chocolate chocolate-chip cherry brownies

Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cherry Brownies

Tis the weekend of sweets and candy! Our chocolate bucket is already filled with milky, gooey wrappers – and the twins still have school parties, a house party, and trick-or-treating to go. We will be stocked up, but I’m trying to not dig into their stash too much this year. I always end up disappointed when devouring a miniature candy bar.

Instead, I thought it would be fun to treat the grown-ups to a sweet that will be totally worth the calories consumed. A chocolate chocolate-chip cherry brownie will do the trick – don’t you think? I’ve never tasted a sweet treat that I loved more!

Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cherry Brownies

Make this amazing treat for the weekend, and let me encourage you to happily leave the mini Kit-Kats alone.

Start with your favorite chocolate brownie recipe. One thing I love about these brownies is that you can add the extra sweetness to any recipe you love. Try them gluten-free, original, from a box, or even make them out of beans (although, beans do not ever truly taste like chocolate).

Make the brownies with; 8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter softened, 1 cup all-purpose flour, 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 8 ounces semisweet or bittersweet chocolate, chopped coarsely, 1 1/4 cups sugar, and 3 large eggs.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. While the oven is heating combine all above ingredients and mix until well combined. Melt the chocolate pieces in the microwave before combining.

Pour into pan and bake for 50 minutes.

Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cherry Brownies

To add the extra sweetness; pit 1 cup of cherries and cut into halves. Once the brownie mixture has been poured into the pan, smooth out the top with a knife. Gently drop in the cherries and 1/2 cup chocolate chips. Dropping them in right at the end like this gives the brownies a gorgeous look and makes for a taste that cannot be beat!

Treat yourself this weekend… to a sweet that will not disappoint!

(Photography © Pavel Gramatikov/Stocksy United)

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sharpie traced dish towels

Kid traced dish towels make a great present for grandparents and teachers.

Some things never change in the history of my family – like handmade Christmas presents from the kids, grandma’s love for artwork, and enjoying a glass of milk during after school snack. It’s no wonder the tradition of a glass of milk daily has been passed down for generations. With 9 essential nutrients and the ability to help hair, nails, bones, and sleep, milk is a tradition that we are definitely continuing.

Since the holiday season fast approaching, I’ve been dreaming up crafty presents for our family. To combine grandma’s love for artwork and the nostalgia of creative kitchen towels, we came up with this really fun after school gift project. Sharpie traced dish towels make great presents for the whole family and can be whipped up during afternoon snack time.

Sharprie traced dish towels

The Sharpie traced dish towels are a creative way to incorporate color and design onto fabric. If you remember our Sharpie text pillow cases, this is the same concept, but with kid’s artwork included. My daughter loves to draw. Like 100 papers everywhere everyday loves to draw. So an artwork gift from her makes total sense.

To create the artwork dish towels you’ll need white dish towels and a handful of colorful Sharpies. They now sell specific fabric sharpies which I recommend for the constant washing dish towels receive.

We took a selection of her favorite drawings and traced them onto the dish towels. Just place the drawing underneath and begin tracing. A set of these towels for any parent/grandparent/teacher or family member will definitely make their holidays more sweet.

Homemade dish towels with kid's artwork.

DIY kid's dish towels

Although this gift can’t be beat in its adorableness using kid’s artwork, it works for any type of design. Grow the present up with artwork of your own, or write in text like we did on the Sharpie print pillows. A colorful Happy Holidays (download the text right here) will make the present suitable for hostess gifts and gussying up your own kitchen with crafty seasonal greetings.

DIY Dish Towel present

DIY dish towel

The Sharpie traced dish towels were a great after school project to work on with our snack and glass of milk. Milk has played a big role in the traditions passed down in my family, and like homemade Christmas presents, it is a tradition I plan to continue passing down. Milk gives my kids healthy fuel for all their creating, dreaming and playing.

This post is brought to you by got milk? Drink to a brighter future.

(Photography by Joeclyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry)


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