polkadot painted easter eggs

Polkadot Easter Eggs

Continuing my obsession with creative no-dye Easter egg ideas, I painted a dozen eggs using my favorite painting technique – eraser painting. Which I love because it is just the easiest! Adding colorful polkadots to our eggs in a sporadic confetti like design makes for a festive way to decorate the eggs, and shows off their natural side with style.

Polkadot Easter Eggs


Polkadot Easter Eggs

Polkadot Easter Eggs

To make the polkadot painted Easter eggs, use a pencil top eraser and a few shades of pretty paints. Start by boiling the eggs. Let the eggs fully cool and completely dry before applying the paint to the egg shells.

Dip the eraser top in the paint, dab on a paper towel, and start painting stamp dots right onto the eggs. I love the look of the colorful polkadots on natural brown eggs, but they could definitely be dyed first for even more bright Easter fun. Fill in the polkadots completely with the paint, or leave some outlined for a whimsical touch. Allow to dry for a couple hours before handling the eggs.

Polkadot Easter Eggs

Display the eggs in small cups, ramekins, and vintage ice cream dishes for a festively pretty spring display.

Photography by Jocelyn Noel Photography for A Subtle Revelry.

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dip dyed bouquet holders

A Subtle Revelry: Dip Dye Bouquets

Spring is a favorite around here for many reasons. The sun, the light, the flowers… The Flowers! To show off your flowers in pretty style these dip dyed bouquet holders are a great addition to any bouquet. They’re subtle, artistic, and completely gorgeous on their own. Adding flowers to the dip dyed paper will transform any simple spring bouquet into a show stopping gift.

A Subtle Revelry: Dip Dye Bouquets

A Subtle Revelry: Dip Dye Bouquets

A Subtle Revelry: Dip Dye Bouquets

Use the handmade bouquet holders to present thoughtful hostess gifts, to decorate a brunch, or to hand out for your dearest friend’s birthday. The process of dip dyeing paper is simple enough you can make stacks of the paper at once and have plenty on hand for making everyday flowers more beautiful. With spring brunches in full effect, Easter coming quickly, and Mother’s Day right around the corner – it’s a great season for giving pretty flowers and celebrating the ladies in your life.  

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confetti blower party horns

Confetti Party Blowers

If there’s one party style I love, it is bright! I’ve learned over the years there is a fine line between bright fun, and overkill. This is why I’ve loved receiving this new launch of Crystal Cut Party Products by Chinet. Crazy patterned plates and cups can definitely be overkill, while this crystal clear set is great for showing off my very bright love of confetti!

To share this love of confetti with our guests, I created these paper confetti blower party horns. They’re easy to make and will give bright substance to a toast, bid a bride and groom a fun filled goodbye, or shower a birthday gal in cake worthy style. Think party horn, but instead of noise – you get noise and confetti! Consider it a major product upgrade.  

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bunny balloons

Bunny Balloons

Happy Friday! We have had an exciting week around here and these little bunny balloons are exactly the bright dose of fun needed to close it out. I was staring at a white balloon the other day and thinking how great it would look with bunny ears attached. Right!?! So obviously, I dropped everything to make it happen! The balloons are great fun for topping Easter baskets, hanging by the brunch buffet, and marking seats at the Easter dinner table.  

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mock raspberry peach bellini

Mock raspberry + peach bellinis served in a cored out peach!

Spring brings may fabulous chances celebrate with the girls. Showers, weddings and a slew of festive reasons perfect for a girls night in. This raspberry peach bellini is a fun drink to make for whatever you might be celebrating. Serving it up in peaches with honey stick straws will quickly make it everyones favorite drink of the season.

Mock raspberry + peach bellinis

Mock raspberry + peach bellinis served in a cored out peach!

To make the cored out peaches; slice off the top 1/4 inch of each peach. Using a pairing knife remove the insides by cutting in a circle around the pit. Be sure to save the peach flesh for mixing in the bellini. Use honey sticks as straws and encourage your guests to squeeze the honey before sipping their drink. The sticks look pretty and the honey is a great compliment to the bellinis!  

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no-dye easter egg ideas

I love the Easter season and have a particular fondness for crafting and designing pretty eggs. I am over the moon excited to show you what we’ve come up with this year, but if you’re like me and have an inkling to get started on your eggs (today!) here are a few of my favorite no-dye Easter egg ideas.

Easter egg countdown

Easter Countdown Eggs

Jeweled Boho Easter Eggs

Natural jeweled Easter Eggs

Family Photo Easter Eggs

Family Photo Decal Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Streamer Hunt

Easter Egg Streamer hunt

Simple Stamped Eggs

Simple Stamped Eggs

Pinata Easter Egg

Piñata Easter Eggs

Oversized Birdhouse Eggs

Oversized Birdhouse Eggs

PS. 25 seriously well designed eggs.

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