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Easter Basket – 35 Creative Ideas

Easter is just one month away! Which seems crazy in the middle of our snow storm this last week, but totally true. Easter just wouldn’t be the same without a cute and colorful Easter basket filled with all sorts of goodies. We’re branching out from the traditional basket fillings this year and have found some […]

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Marshmallow Creme Slime Party Cake

Are your kids as completely obsessed with slime as mine are? We found a way to make edible slime with the sweetest taste using homemade marshmallow creme – It’s a slime cake! A marshmallow cream cake that mimics their favorite gooey fun. This cake is so fun for a slime party. My kids have already […]

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Girls Night In Ideas That Your Ladies Will Adore

Hosting a girls night in is perfect this time of year and I have so many fun ideas to share! A chance to get together with your favorite ladies and gush on the next best movie while sipping something way to yummy to actually purchase out on the town. Sign me up now!!! I am a huge fan of hosting these nights in with my girls – in fact we have one planned tonight, you can come along in my IG stories if you’d like.

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Wall Paper Report – How To Hang Wallpaper Of All Kinds

Let’s chat wall paper! Yes, I know it is normally one word, wallpaper. But I’ve decided to divide it today, because we are not just talking traditional wallpaper here. I have fallen in love with covering my walls with paper! Paper of all kinds. From wrapping paper, to removable paper, to the more traditional one […]

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Pineapple Coconut Cake With Yellow Cake Mix

Errbody!!! Put your palms in the air for this pineapple coconut cake and wave ‘em like you just don’t care. Eek it’s still totally winter at my house, but we are in Palm Springs this week and I can just feel the cool breeze of a palm leaf swaying by the pool. But don’t worry, […]

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