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a school time dessert bar

Bring out your inner school girl and style a dessert bar bake sale style. Offer sweet old-school lunch favorites made for an adult crowd; like butterscotch pudding cups in shot glasses (made with real scotch). Mini grilled cheese sandwiches made with Nuttella, brie and homemade raspberry jam. Finish off with espresso Twinkies. Lay out treats […]

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confetti dot place mats

These confetti dot place mats give an easy way to quickly brighten up a table. Used under a plate or running the length of a table the extra large confetti give a burst of energy for any meal. Perfect for family birthdays and quickly planned spring brunches. To make the place mats; use a 3.5 […]

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curly Q drink stirs

This paper curly Q craft is a great way to mark drinks and liven up whatever you are serving for a spring party! To make the curly Q drink stirrers; cut pieces of coordinating paper into thin strips of varying widths and wrap each strip around the pencil to make it curl. Up to this […]

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illustrated spring party printables

The struggle of spring to break through. A perfectly gorgeous illustration that will make a wonderful impression on a bridal shower or birthday party this season. Download the PDF packet which includes one full page print (for hanging), one 4×6 print invitation (write details on the back) and a page of gift tags to share. […]

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celebrate date night with kites

Flying kites is a perfect way to get tangled up with one another. You’ll laugh and play and watch your love soar. Celebrate date night by grabbing two of them and getting outside together! Celebrate date night photography by Candace Prokopets, Pictilio.

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