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leather hearts

In the midst of kid centric Valentine prep I’ve wanted to design something pretty to give away to the people I know over three feet tall. Using leather scraps (found for cheap at local craft stores), a pack of key rings and an exacto knife I put together these leather heart key chains. A little […]

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inspiration links

I spent the weekend sick in bed with bronchitis. Although it was not what I had planned for the time, I tried to enjoy the incredibly rare chance to rest. I watched the entire first season of Downton Abbey (thanks for the twitter recommendation!) and caught up on a stack of magazines I’ve been meaning […]

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merrymaking 2.3.2012

After plastering the flowers for Valentine’s Day, I became a bit obsessed with the medium and started grabbing random objects from around my home to dip. This simple fruit basket was one of my favorites! I also plastered a couple bows, a cutting board and a paper star but stopped myself before grabbing the television. […]

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a bouquet of plaster

I purchased a small box of plaster last week and went to work dipping a sampling of bright fuax flowers. Mixing + dipping my varieties took about ten minutes and then I hung them upside down for a day to dry. The flowers have become the center of our Valentine’s Day decor. This pink, single […]

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Styled. magazine issue four | the art of merrymaking

Excited to announce we are live with Styled. magazine issue number four! It is filled with cozy projects, lots of wood, an indoor picnic (with craft paper fire!), a bright beautiful bridal shower from Italy and a fun graphic collaboration with instructions for how to throw a proper party. Plus, lots of other goodies… including […]

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