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Christmas is coming! LET'S GET READY


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Party Gallery

I am super excited to share with you today a new feature around here! We are still working on the business website, it is coming soon… But, in the meantime we’ve had a bit of a face lift:) Yay! My favorite new feature is our party gallery. In the gallery is a listing of every […]

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Knotted in love…

Knotted in love, a shower for a lovely bride to be. The inspiration for this shower came from this article, upon seeing it I just feel in love with the idea of a yarn maze- it is amazing! Although not as long or even an actual maze, I was thrilled at how the backdrop for […]

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Panini's on a barstool

I styled a sweet bridal shower earlier this month and for brunch we decided to make paninis! I set out fresh sourdough bread, lots of veggies & a sampling of cheeses. We cooked each on an old George Foreman grill. They made for perfectly easy + very lovely summer afternoon party food! The rest of […]

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a little preview- eighteen months

Thank you all for being so patient while I have been taking a bit of a break the past two weeks. I hope you have enjoyed the guests and parties that have been up. I am looking forward to being back next week- I have three events done this month that are just aching to […]

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Vacation Crush- weddings

While on vacation I have given myself a little smidgen of time to rest and relax. I have been reading, sleeping, cuddling my babies… and crushing over the gorgeous designs of weddings these days. So many of the designs correlate well for any upcoming party. I have dog eared 3 million fabulous photos to inspire […]

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