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Galaxy Party Pancakes

We are big fans of anything galaxy related. A wall filled with paper stars and these galaxy balloons are a few favorites from the past. But today, in partnership with Breakfast HERO we are rocking our own galaxy chocolate pancake stack with gold stars and syrup. A breakfast from out of this world. ;) And before […]

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18 Summers! A Blogging Update

Hi! How have you been? I am sure you noticed with the sporadic posting this past month, but we have taken the last 6 weeks or so mostly offline. Ever since writing this post on owning a lifestyle business and realizing I only have 18 summers (we have 9 left now!) with my kids. I’ve […]

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Cat Doormat

Although I can never own one – because my face would swell up like a puffer fish and then probably fall off! – I have always had a soft spot for cats. In their honor we made this colorful cat garland a while ago that you loved so much! To continue the cat love (without […]

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Celebrating What Makes You, You

We’ve had some family things happening behind the scenes this last season. Heavy things that are not very revelrious, but we are big fans of celebrating around here even through the trials. Fasting and feasting. Mourning and clinking… both are such big parts of our life. I think we could all use a little more […]

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